Safety and security

Tide - Safe and secure

Safe and secure

Your money is held in a regulated, ring-fenced account. Your funds are never moved, invested or lent to anyone else. It’s your money and you can access it whenever you wish.

Tide - Rock solid and proven

Rock solid and proven

Our trusted partner, PrePay Solutions (PPS) is a well-established business, partly owned by Mastercard.

Tide - Two-factor security

Two-factor security

Payments can only be authorised on your phone. And if you switch to a new handset, we request a selfie to confirm your identity.

Tide - Freeze lost cards instantly

Freeze lost cards instantly

No worrying, no ringing around. If you think you’ve lost your card then block it with a simple tap.

Tide - Authorised by the FCA

Authorised by the FCA

PPS hold an e-money licence from the UK Financial Conduct Authority and must comply with its rules on capital and safeguarding. Tide also holds an FCA license as a credit broker.

Tide - Safe limits

Safe limits

Tide protects you with default limits on transaction sizes and your balance. And if you want to raise them, simply chat to us.

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