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Tide Trusted Professionals is on the way, starting with accounting services!
Explore our secure platform to find the right accounting professionals for your business.
Over the next few months, we’ll be adding more features and services to help you grow your business.

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Use our search and filters to find the right service for you based on budget and location.

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Reach out through our easy-to-use messaging service to discuss your requirements.

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Once you’re ready to go, make payment on our secure platform. Payment won’t be released until you’ve approved the work.

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Trusted Professionals FAQs

What is Tide Trusted Professionals?

Tide Trusted Professionals is a platform for members to connect with qualified Service Partners who can help with their business needs.

To find a service for your business, simply filter by budget or location to find a list of suitable professionals. You can then make a booking with your chosen service partner and pay via our secure platform directly from your Tide account. With our Tide Guarantee, we also give you peace of mind that no payment will be released until you approve the work.

What is the cost of booking a service? Is it free?

Tide’s platform does not charge any fee above the price quoted by the Service Partner for the requested services. Service Partners determine their own pricing. However, pricing is monitored during the verification process to become a Trusted Professional to ensure prices remain competitive.

Are Service Partners evaluated before becoming Trusted Professionals?

Yes, We have a comprehensive process that all applicants go through before being approved as Trusted Professionals. They are evaluated against clearly defined criteria, including membership of reputed professional bodies, professional indemnity insurance, KYC, online reviews, etc. We also have ongoing quality control after Service Partners are onboarded.

How can I find and book Trusted Professionals for my business?

Finding available Service Partners to help your business is very straightforward:

  • Search to view all available Service Partners offering what you need. You can narrow your search by filtering by budget, location, etc.
  • Choose the professional based on the services you require and the price that matches your budget
  • Make a booking with your chosen Service Partner. You can also contact them via the secure platform to confirm what you need, the scope of work etc.
  • Pay for your service via the same secure platform. The Tide Guarantee ensures that your card won’t be charged unless the Service Partner accepts the booking. The Service Partner won’t get paid unless you approve the work.

What types of services can I book via Trusted Professionals?

Currently, we offer the following types of services.

  1. One Time Service – This is a single project activity with a clear start and end date. It has a clearly defined scope that needs to be agreed with the Service Partner.
  2. Subscription Service – This is a monthly support package for your business.
  3. Hourly rates – This is consulting time booked in terms of the number of hours required.
  4. Success fee – coming soon
  5. Quote based service – coming soon

What is the Tide Guarantee?

Tide Guarantee ensures that your card will not be charged unless the Service Partner accepts the booking. The Service Partner won’t get paid unless you approve the work.

Always pay and communicate directly through the Tide Trusted Professionals platform. As long as you stay on this platform throughout the entire process – from communication through to booking and payment – you’re protected by Tide Guarantee.

What should I do if I am unhappy with the Service Partner?

Please contact your Service Partner directly using the platform’s messaging tool to seek resolution. If the problem persists, please contact Member Support to assist you regarding the next steps.