Expense Cards

Simplify Business Expenses for you and your team with Tide Expense Cards

Save time on your expense admin. Manage your company expenses all in one place. Empower your team to scan and upload their own receipts. Track your business spend all in the Tide app.

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Business expenses made easy

Tide Expense Cards are our company Mastercards for your business current account. From sole trader to limited company expenses, enjoy the smart way to manage your business purchases.

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Give flexibility to your team

Order a Tide Expense Card for up to 50 people per account for just £5 + VAT per card

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Keep business expenses in check

Set individual spend limits per card to help you manage costs

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Eliminate form-filling

No more expense claims – your team can scan and upload multiple receipts at once

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Minimise finance admin

See all transactions itemised by both person and spend category

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Your all-in-one expenses solution

Protect and manage access

Tide Expense cards give your team flexibility for easy expenses, yet are secure too. Manage all your team’s cards directly in the Tide app.

  • Freeze and cancel cards
  • View and manage PINs
  • Order replacement cards

Set spending limits

Keep a rein on expenses by setting spending limits for each team member. Or opt for no limit at all in the Tide app.

  • Set up monthly spending limits
  • Create individual limits for each team member
  • Change or remove limits in an instant

Scan and upload receipts

Swap paper expense claims for a smart expense solution. View transactions and receipts in real-time to keep track of costs. Both you and your team members can:

  • Upload receipts as you go
  • Add notes to transactions
  • Auto-match receipts to transactions

Transactions categorised automatically

Tide’s accounting categories will automatically label all your transactions, helping you to stay on track of spending.

  • Upload receipts as you go
  • Add notes to transactions
  • Auto-match receipts to transactions

Track company expenses at a glance

View your team’s spend all in one place. Keep a hold on business expenses by seeing who has spent what.

  • Simplify your business accounting
  • Sync with your accounting software
  • No need for manual calculations

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Set spending limits on your company expense cards

Here's how to set up spending limits for your team in an instant.

Integrate Tide Expense Cards with your accountancy software

Get the smart solution for your business expenses

Here at Tide, our mission is to save small businesses time and money on their finance admin.

Our company Expense Cards provide an all-in-one expense management solution. Say goodbye to receipts and make paper expense claims a thing of the past. Empower your team with individual spend limits, track spend at a glance and sync with your accounting software. All designed to help you get on with running your business.

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Expense Cards allow our staff the autonomy to continue their work without needing us there to approve payments. It gives us more time to focus on making money, rather than back-office tasks.

Jenna Hill
Director at Chill Gas Ltd | London, UK

Expense Cards FAQs

Why am I still getting verify payment prompts for my team members online expense on their Expense Card?

We’ve enabled the ability for your team member to now be able to verify their own online spend but you’ll continue to also receive the verify payment prompt until we’re able to launch our own Expenses app for your Team member. Please let your team member(s) approve their own online expenses whilst you continue to do what you do best.

My team member has left the company, how do I revoke their access?

You can revoke access from their Expense Cards team member profile at any time within the app. Go to Expense Cards > More where you will see a list of all your team members.  Click into the name of the member who has left and you will then be able to revoke their access.

Can I order an Expense Card for myself?

All of our Tide cards are Expense Cards so you’ll be able to use yours for this purpose as soon as you sign up and receive your first card.

Can I edit my team members' spending limit as a one-off within the month?

Unfortunately not.  The way this works at the moment, you would need to edit your team members’ spending limit for one month and remember to change it back for the next month.

How can I edit my team members' monthly spending limit?

Simply open your Tide app, tap More > Expense Cards, and select the name of the team member whose limits you want to change.  You can do this anytime and as many times as you like.

How do I order Tide Expense Cards?

You can order company expense cards in the Tide app.

  • Go to More > Expense Cards
  • Enter your team member’s details
  • Select the account(s) for which you want your team member to have an Expense Card

If your team member passes our security checks, the card will arrive at your trading address within a week.

How much do Expense Cards cost?

Tide Expense Cards, our company expenses cards, are £5+VAT per calendar month. You’ll be charged £5+VAT per month for every Expense Card you’ve ordered (whether you activate it or not).

The fee is taken automatically from your Tide account on the fourth of each month.

Depending on your membership, you could get one or more Expense Cards for free. On Plus you’ll get 1 free, on Pro you’ll get 2 free and on Cashback or Premium, you’ll get 3 free.

Please see our Tide Terms for full details.


Am I eligible for Tide Expense Cards?

If you’re already with us, you’re eligible to apply. 🙂

How many Expense Cards can I apply for?

You can order up to 50 Expense Cards per account.

If you have your Expense Cards linked to sub-accounts, these count towards the overall account maximum of 50.

If you have more than one Tide account, you can have a maximum of 50 Expense Cards for each account.

How do I activate and manage Tide Expense Cards?

You can activate, manage and cancel your team’s expense cards in the Tide app. Go to More > Expense Cards

Why can’t I see Expense Cards in my More menu?

If you can’t see the Expense Cards feature, go to the app store and check your Tide app is up-to-date.

Who can manage Tide Expense Cards?

The main account holder manages all your company expense cards.

Tide Expense Cards are a step towards building full team access. For now, you’ll manage your Expense Cards through the Tide app belonging to the main account holder.

As the main user, you’ll fully manage access for your team – you can freeze and cancel cards, as well as share and hold PIN codes. And of course, you’ll be able to see who spent what.

How do I freeze a Tide Expense Card?

The main account holder can freeze or unfreeze individual or all company expense cards.

  • Go to More > Expense Cards
  • Select a person from the list and then you can freeze or unfreeze their Expense Card

How do I cancel a Tide Expense Card? What happens when I cancel a card?

  • Go to More > Expense Cards
  • Select a person from the list and then cancel their Expense Card

When you cancel an expense Card, you’ll be charged £5+VAT per Expense Card on the 4th of the following month. Any Expense Cards ordered within the same month will be billed on the 4th of the following month (there will be no further payment after that). There’s no pro-rata fee refund when you cancel an Expense Card.

Remember, if you have Plus membership, 1 free Expense Card is included.
And if you have Cashback or Premium membership, 3 free Expense Cards are included.

Can my staff view their expenses?

Not yet. We’re working on an app that’s dedicated to your team members, so they’ll be able to log in and look at what they’re spending.

As the main user, you’ll be able to set different levels of access for your team members.

We’ll be in touch by email to let you know as soon as this feature is live.

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