Guide to Tide: Contents


Our Guide to Tide is here to help you make the most of your Tide account, with step-by-step guides for the various features within the app.

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Adding funds to your account
Guide to Tide: Table of Contents
Creating a new invoice
Creating additional current accounts
Exporting previous transactions as a .csv file
Contacting the Tide team
Requesting cards for additional current accounts
Support: Terms & Conditions
Viewing your account limits
Making payments from the app
Cancelling your card
Editing your logo on your invoice template
Renaming your current accounts
Managing your company details
Information about your PIN
Managing your devices
Blocking Direct Debits
Accessing your account on another phone
The Tide Community
Editing your company details on your invoice template
Step-by-step guide for creating your account as a Sole Trader
Attaching files to transactions
Managing your auto-categorisation rules
Viewing your Direct Debits
Editing your contact information
Previewing your invoice template
Activating your card
Paying a new recipient
Tide FAQs
Sending an invoice to a new recipient
Freezing or Cancelling your card
Editing your saved categories
Adding comments to transactions
Editing your personal address
Categorising new payments
Changing categories of past transactions
Categorising your invoices
Filtering transactions