Company expense cards

How much do Team Cards cost?

Team Cards, our company expenses cards, are £5+VAT per calendar month. You will be charged £5+VAT per month for every Team Card you’ve ordered (whether you activate it or not).

If you’re a Plus, Cashback or Premium member, Team Cards are currently free as part of your membership – there’s no extra charge.

The fee is taken automatically from your Tide account on the fourth of each month.

Please see our Tide Terms for full details.

If you started using Tide’s company expenses cards before 16 October 2020
For early adopters of our company expenses cards, we’re currently keeping the cards fee-free to say thank you for helping us test and improve the Tide app and Team Cards. If you need to order a replacement card for an existing Team Card holder, the card will remain fee-free until further notice, as will any Team Cards you order for other people in future will also be fee-free.