How do I create an invoice with Tide Invoicing?

Simply open your Tide app or Tide on the web, go to ‘Invoice’ and then:

  1. Select ‘Create new invoice’
  2. Add new customer or select an existing one.

If you want to manage your customer details (add, edit or delete them) you can do this from Invoice > Manage > Customers or using the Customers tab on web.

  1. Add your items (goods and services) by adding a description, units, quantity, and unit price. You can also add the VAT % if you’ve already added your VAT number (Go to Invoices > Manage > Template > VAT number).

Tip: You can manage your invoice details such as company logo, company name, invoice address, email, phone number and default invoice due dates from the template section. (In the Tide app: Go to Invoice > Manage > Template) (In Tide on the web: Go to Invoice > Template tab)

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