KYC at Tide

I’ve been asked for more information about Shareholders or Directors

If we’ve asked you for Dates Of Birth (DOBs) or addresses for yourself and/or your major shareholders*, we weren’t able to complete digital checks with the information we have. 

DOBs often fail because we pull information from Companies House who don’t store the day a director or shareholder was born on, and this isn’t amended during sign-up. 

Addresses generally fail because the address we’ve received isn’t a residential address, or because the resident hasn’t lived at that address for more than three months. 

Here’s what we suggest: 

  1. Make sure that the information on Companies House is up to date. You may need to submit a Confirmation Statement (with updates) to ensure this.
  2. Send us the DOBs – confirm these with your shareholders if you need to.
  3. Send us any addresses we’ve requested – make sure that the address is a UK residential one that has been lived in for more than three months.

If we’re still unable to digitally verify a given address we’ll need to see proof of address.

If we’re still unable to digitally verify a DOB, we’ll need to see a photo of valid ID.

If you or your shareholder have not been at any address for more than 3 months i.e. a foreign national new to the country, we’ll need to see a valid Biometric Residence Permit (for the UK) and proof of a foreign address. 


*We see a ‘major shareholders’ as any shareholder currently holding more than 24% shares in the company.

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