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    Grow your business with Tide Credit Options


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    Know exactly how much you need to pay back and when


    Boost your credit score

    Pay back what you owe on time to improve your credit score

    How can credit help you maintain a healthy cashflow?

    Ideally, you want more money coming into your business than money going out.

    But some months, you might be waiting for customers to pay invoices and your expenditure ends up higher than your revenue. This is common for newer, small businesses when you need to buy stock while you’re waiting for payments.

    This is where Credit Options can help. Dip into Cashflow Insights in your Tide app anytime to view easy-to-read updates and predictions. If you think you’ll need extra cash to get you through, you can browse pre-qualified credit options we select to suit your business.


    Be one of the first to try Tide Credit Options

    Tide Credit Options will be available in early 2021 via the Tide app. Let us know and we’ll email you when it’s ready to use.

    To use Credit Options, you must be:

    • the director of a small business registered in the UK
    • operating as a limited company

      Thanks for registering your interest in Credit Options. We'll email you when it is available.

      Sign up now - we’ll email you when Credit Options is available.

      How to use Tide Credit Options

      Watch the video to see how you can access Tide Credit Options in your Tide mobile app.


      • Understand your cashflow and plan for the future 📈🔮

        With easy-to-read insights from our new FREE cash flow planning tool, you’ll stay on top of your numbers.

      • Compare and choose the right funding for you 💰🔍

        Need a boost until a customer pays up? We’ll identify ways to improve your cashflow with recommendations tailored to suit your business.

      • Open up your options for funding 🏦📱

        Stop paying high rates for bank loans. We’ll offer you more flexible and affordable funding with our Credit Options.

      • Save time - no lengthy applications ✅⚡

        All the credit options we’ll show you are especially suited for your business and better still, you’re pre-approved.

      • Improve your credit score 👆🙂

        To maintain or bump up your credit score, borrow through Cashflow Insights and pay back what you owe on time.

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      Credit Options FAQs

      What is Tide Credit Options?

      Credit Options is a feature available to Tide members in the Tide app. We’ll use information from your cashflow data to offer you appropriate, affordable credit options suited to your small business. You’re pre-qualified for the options we show you, and there’s no obligation to take up any credit offer.

      How do I sign up for Tide Credit Options?

      It’s easy. At, submit the email address you use for your Tide account.

      We’ll email you to confirm you’re on the list to try this new feature and we’ll message you again when it’s ready to use.

      When will Tide Credit Options be ready to use?

      We’re developing Credit Options now and we’re aiming to launch it in early 2021.

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