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Can I use my card abroad?

When you go abroad, our standard fee of £1 to withdraw cash at an ATM will apply.

As well as ATM withdrawals, your card will also work for chip and pin transactions in most countries. However, you won't be able to use the mag stripe* in the countries listed below:

(*The mag stripe, or magnetic strip is a type of security that was common in the UK prior to the introduction of Chip and PIN. It works by taking information held in the black strip on the back of the card to make payments.)

  • Brazil (BRA)

  • Cambodia (KHM)

  • Canada (CAN)

  • China (CHN)

  • India (IND)

  • Indonesia (IDN)

  • Laos (LAO)

  • Libya (LBY)

  • Macau (MAC)

  • Mexico (MEX)

  • Moldova (MDA)

  • Myanmar (MMR)

  • Philippines (PHL)

  • Romania (ROU)

  • Saudi Arabia (SAU)

  • South Africa (RSA)

  • Taiwan (TWN)

  • Thailand (THA)

  • Turkey (TUR)

  • United Arab Emirates (UAE)

  • Vietnam (VNM)

You won't be able to use your card in the countries listed below:

  • Afghanistan (AFG)

  • Central African Republic (CAF)

  • Congo Democratic Republic (DRC)

  • Cuba (CUB)

  • Eritrea (ERI )

  • Guinea-Bissau (GNB)

  • Iran (IRN)

  • Iraq (IRQ)

  • Lebanon (LBN)

  • Libya (LBY)

  • Mali (MLI)

  • North Korea (PRK)

  • Somalia (SOM)

  • South Sudan (SSD)

  • Sudan (SDN)

  • Syria (SYR)

  • Yemen (YEM)

If you need to transact in these countries, get in touch via the app and speak to our Member Support team.

Should I carry another card?

Your card should work abroad, but we always recommend taking a backup so you have options while you're travelling.

Safety & Security

We have fraud monitoring systems in place in the UK and internationally for our members' protection. These systems may sometimes block certain payments if they look fraudulent, including transactions abroad. If you're having trouble with a transaction or a payment is wrongly declined, please get in touch with our Member Support team via the in-app chat.

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