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Upgrading your Tide account

Do I need to do anything for my e-money account to be upgraded to a bank account?

We will notify you via Email, Push notification and the Tide app with your upgrade date. We will send you a message at least 60 days before upgrading your account. If you don’t select an earlier date your account will be migrated on the date we advised.

You can upgrade your account sooner by clicking on the banner notification above your list of transactions in the Tide app. Simply select a date and time slot for us to update your account.

Please note, the upgrade may take up to 3 hours. You won’t be able to use the Tide app or log into Tide on the web during this time.

When we’ve finished upgrading your account and you’re able to log in again, you’ll get an email and app notification confirming this. 

When you next log in, you’ll be able to see your new account details, Once your e-money account is upgraded to a Tide Business Account you will be asked to confirm that you have received the FSCS Information Sheet and Terms and Conditions. The first time you log into the Tide app after the upgrade you will receive a notification asking you about this. 

While you update your customers with your new account details, we’ll redirect incoming bank payments (by Faster Payments and Bacs, these will appear in your account instantly. CHAPS payments sent to your old account details may take up to 72 hours) to your new account. Tide and ClearBank disclaim any liability for losses relating to the Bulk Payment Redirection Service.

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