Terms and Conditions: Company Formation – Tide Accounting Promotion

  1. Tide Platform Ltd (“Tide”) offers Tide Accounting free of charge for six months (“Offer”) to all applicants who meet the Eligibility criteria outlined in clause 2 below. The offer is subject to these terms and conditions (“Offer Terms”).
  2. Eligibility criteria:
    1. Use Tide’s Company Registration service for registering your new entity with Companies House;
    2. Download the Tide app and follow the steps to complete checks and successfully open your Tide business account (“Tide Account”);
    3. [Modified on 09/05/2024] Complete the steps under letters 2.1 and 2.2 above from 26/06/2023 onwards but no later than 23:59 on 12/05/2024;
    4. You should not be using a construction industry scheme or a flat rate scheme for VAT;
    5. Hold an active Tide membership and be compliant with all applicable standard terms and conditions for Tide Accounts (“Tide Terms”) for the full duration of the Promotional Period (as defined under clause 3 below) pursuant to clause 7 below.
  3. Reward:
    1. Each applicant who has successfully met the Eligibility criteria under clause 2 above and fills in the Tide Accounting questionnaire, will have access to Tide Accounting for free (“Reward”) for six months  starting from the day you sign up to Tide and ending at midnight, six calendar months after your sign up date (“Promotional Period”). If the Promotional Period ends on a date before the end of the then current month, you will be charged for the rest of the then current month on a pro-rata basis, unless you cancel before the Promotional Period ends. 
    2. The Reward is limited to one per new Tide member.
    3. Each compliant applicant will be entered automatically into the Offer and will get Tide Accounting for free for six months.
  4. Tide Accounting costs £9.99+VAT per month. If you decide to take this Offer, you will not be charged for the price of the product during the Promotional Period as outlined in 3(a) above. Once the Promotional Period is over, you will be charged a fee of £9.99+VAT per month unless you cancel before the end of the Promotional Period. The fee will be billed in the first week of each calendar month (typically around the 4th day of each month).  There will be no pro-rata refund of subscription fees in case of early cancellation after the end of the Promotional Period.
  5. Tide reserves its right to open a Tide Account for you only after you have passed our KYC checks as per the Tide Terms. Tide shall not be required to provide any reason or be held responsible that any applicant has not been approved for a Tide Account.
  6. The terms and conditions for  use of Tide Accounting apply during the Promotional Period and thereafter.
  7. This Offer applies only to new Tide members who are opening a Tide Account for the first time. No existing Tide members will be eligible for this Offer.
  8. We reserve the right to reverse the Reward you receive during this Offer if (i) the Reward was earned fraudulently, (ii) it is found that you have breached the Offer Terms or the Tide Terms in relation to holding a Tide Account, or (iii) a technical error has occurred when applying the Reward.
  9. Applicants must use the Offer as intended by Tide and must not use this Offer as a means to generate income or business.
  10. If we have reasonable grounds to believe that you have engaged in any fraud or material abuse of this Offer (such as for example attempting to deliberately mislead Tide Member Support to gain the Offer) we may in our sole discretion take any actions we see fit in the circumstances.
  11. We reserve the right to modify these Offer Terms or withdraw this Offer at any time. Your continued use of our services shall constitute your acceptance of any such amendments. 
  12. Tide gives no warranty of any kind nor accepts any liability whatsoever in connection with this Offer or other services/products or your use of it.
  13. This Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other Tide offer or promotion in relation to opening of a Tide Account.