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Upgrading your Tide account

What will change when my account is upgraded to a bank account?

With a Tide Business Account you will be able to make use of an additional security step for outgoing payment called Confirmation of Payee. We’ll let you know via Email and In-App notification when this becomes available to you. Confirmation of Payee is already active for incoming payments.

What does Confirmation of Payee mean? Where possible, when you send a payment, Tide (on ClearBank’s behalf) will ask the receiving bank to check that the recipient’s name matches the account number and sort code you have submitted. This will be done before you finalise the payment instruction and submit the payment.

We strongly encourage you to read the new ClearBank T&Cs particularly as there are some differences. ClearBank’s suspension rights are different to those in the PPS e-money account terms. Some of the new suspension rights apply where:

  • Tide informs ClearBank you have not paid any monies owed to Tide on time;

  • ClearBank reasonably suspects fraud or unauthorised use;

  • ClearBank reasonably believes suspension is necessary to protect your Tide Business Account;

  • you have not complied with the ClearBank T&Cs; or

  • you are no longer able to access the Tide app because Tide has suspended or terminated your access in accordance with the Tide Platform T&Cs.

You may terminate your ClearBank T&Cs at any time via the Tide app. This will result in the automatic termination of your Tide Platform T&Cs and Tide Card T&Cs.

ClearBank will give a minimum of 2 months’ notice for any changes to the ClearBank T&Cs except where advance notice may not be possible or necessary.

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