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Upgrading your Tide account

Will there be a change to the terms that govern my relationship with Tide?

When your account migrates from PPS to ClearBank, you will receive new ClearBank T&Cs, Tide Card T&Cs and Tide Platform T&Cs. These are the new T&Cs that will apply to your Tide account. You can find more information about the process for upgrading and other important information including your new T&Cs here

Tide, in collaboration with ClearBank, allows you to use the Tide Platform through your Tide account, with the additional benefit of keeping your money in a bank account provided by ClearBank which is linked to a pre-paid Mastercard provided by Tide (the “Tide Card”).

  • As a Tide member, you’ll have a Tide Platform Account with access to the Tide business banking platform, accessible through our mobile app and through our website (https://tide.co), allowing you to initiate payment transactions using a range of payment methods, create and pay invoices, categorise and have oversight of your income and expenditure, and integrate with accountancy software.

  • Linked to your Tide Platform Account, you will also have a Tide Business Account, which is provided by ClearBank. The money you deposit into the Tide Business Account is deposited with ClearBank.

  • You’ll also have a Tide Card, which is the prepaid Mastercard provided to you by Tide. The Tide Card is linked to the Tide Business Account so that card payments made using your Tide Card will be deducted automatically from your Tide Business Account. You can read more about your Tide Card T&Cs here.

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