Paid Plan Terms and Conditions

The Paid Plan Terms and Conditions were updated on 24 August 2023 and apply to all Tide Members who subscribed to any of the Tide Paid Plans on or after 24 August 2023.

If you have subscribed to any of the Tide Paid Plans before 24 August 2023, the previous version of the terms (click here) will apply to you until 23 October 2023.

1 Introduction

1.1 The Tide “Plus”, “Pro” and Tide “Cashback” membership plans (each referred to as a “Paid Plan”) are provided to you by Tide Platform Ltd (09595646) (“Tide” or “we”), a company incorporated in England & Wales with its registered address at 5th Floor, 1 Appold Street, London, England, EC2A 2UT. 

1.2 The Tide “Plus”, “Pro” and “Cashback” membership plans are only available to Tide Members who are limited companies or sole traders. Some of the features available to “Plus” members will be different to those available to “Pro” or to “Cashback” members.

1.3 These Paid Plan Terms and Conditions (or “these terms”) should be read together with the Tide Terms governing your use of Tide Platform, which are available at Tide Terms of Use Feb 2023

2. How does it work?

2.1 The “Plus”, “Pro” and “Cashback” membership plans are designed to help our members as their business grows. 

2.2 The plan features: 

a. “Plus” (available as a monthly or annual subscription)

b. “Pro” (available as a monthly or annual subscription)

c. “Cashback” (available as a monthly subscription)

2.3 Please familiarise yourself with the applicable FAQ page containing important additional details about your Paid Plan, as it forms part of the Paid Plan Terms and Conditions. We may amend the FAQ pages and we may add features from time to time without notice.

3. Subscription Fees and Billing

3.1 Fees: The “Plus” membership costs £9.99 per month + VAT and £99 per year + VAT. The “Pro” membership costs £18.99 per month + VAT and £189 per year + VAT. The “Cashback” membership costs £49.99 per month + VAT and is currently not available as an annual subscription. 

3.2 Billing for Plus or Pro Annual Plan: When you join “Plus” or “Pro” annual membership from a standard membership you will be billed for 11 calendar months plus pro-rata amount for the current month. For example, if you sign up to “Plus” annual subscription from a standard membership on 15 February 2021, you will be billed pro-rata for February plus 11 months. Your “Plus” annual subscription will then be valid until 31 January 2022. You will then be billed for a full 12 months on or after 1 February 2022. If you sign up to “Plus” or “Pro” annual subscription from already being a Tide “Plus” or a “Pro” monthly member, you will pay the full 12 months annual subscription at the beginning of the month following the month in which you switch. For example, if you switch from “Plus” or “Pro” monthly to a “Plus” or “Pro” annual subscription on 15 February 2021, you will stay on “Plus”, respectively on “Pro” monthly until the end of February, then on 1 March you will switch to “Plus”, respectively to “Pro” annual subscription until 28 February 2022. You will then be billed for a full 12 months on or after 1 March.

3.3 Billing for Monthly Memberships: Monthly subscription fees will be billed in the first week of each calendar month in advance, typically on or around the 4th day of each month. Unless a promotional offer applies, your first month’s subscription fees will be debited from your Tide Business Account on a pro-rata basis when you sign up to use “Plus”, “Pro” or “Cashback”. For example, if you sign up on 15 July, your first payment covering approximately half of the monthly fees will be taken from your Tide Business Account on 15 July. On or around 4 August, you will then be charged the full subscription fees for August. 

3.4 Changes to fees and billing: From time to time, Tide may change the subscription fees and billing terms. Such changes will be communicated to you by email, in-app or through our website. 

3.5 Renewals & Cancellations: Your subscription will automatically renew each month or year unless you cancel. You can cancel your subscription at any time in-app or by contacting Tide Member Support. If you cancel your subscription you will automatically be moved onto the free Tide plan at the end of your billing cycle. There will be no pro-rata refund of subscription fees in case of early cancellation. Your subscription will remain active until the end of the calendar month in which you cancelled and you will be charged subscription fees in full for that month. If you cancel your “Plus” or “Pro” annual membership it will also remain active for the full duration of your annual subscription and you will not be refunded for any remaining months.

3.6 Authorisation of Tide for Debit: You authorise Tide to debit your Tide Business Accounts for all subscription fees as they become payable. If there are not enough funds in any of your accounts with us to pay your fees, then you must pay the amount due immediately upon demand, plus any applicable processing fees, or charges for return items, plus interest at the higher of 4% a year above the Bank of England’s base rate or 4%, plus legal costs and other costs of collection as permitted by law. We reserve the right to suspend your access to your Paid Plan  membership if we are not paid on time any monies owed by you to us. 

3.7 Legal Service Helpline: We have a financial arrangement with Irwin Mitchell LLP who provide a legal helpline to you. We pay Irwin Mitchell LLP for the services they provide, they are independent from us and will provide you with impartial and confidential advice, limited to general legal support only and as specified to you by them over the telephone. In general, this will be non-written advice and as is reasonably possible to provide on a call. The Legal Service Helpline cannot help you with the initiation of legal proceedings or other similar action, and generally does not review documents. Tide makes no representation and accepts no responsibility for the services provided to you by Irwin Mitchell LLP. 

4. Cashback Terms

4.1 When ​you upgrade to “Cashback” you will automatically be enrolled in the Cashback Reward Programme (the “​Programme​”).

4.2 This Programme will enable you to earn 0.5% cashback on all eligible card transactions. We might sometimes offer promotional cashback rates. If we do, we will tell you about any additional terms and conditions that apply to such promotional rates at the time of the offer.

4.3 Eligible transactions mean genuine card purchases or payments for goods and services made locally and/or abroad (including online transactions). 

4.4 The following transactions are not considered eligible transactions and thus you will not earn cashback on them:

Important to note: The above list is non-exhaustive and may be subject to change from time to time. Merchants or the merchant banks get a specific code based on what they sell or the services they provide. This code is called a Merchant Category Code (MCC). We use the MCC to work out whether you can earn cashback on a transaction. Tide does not control what type of code a merchant gets and we’re not able to change this code. This means that in some cases, a merchant might sell something that seems eligible for cashback, but because of the MCC, the transaction isn’t eligible.

4.5 We’ll calculate your cashback at the end of each calendar month and your cashback will be paid during the next calendar month (for example, for payments made in August 2022, cashback will be paid in September 2022). Card transactions will count towards the cashback calculation based on the date the money is taken from your account (although we may, at our discretion, include transactions executed before the end of the month even if the money is taken from your account the following month, without double counting). This may not be the same date that the card transaction was made. However, we aim to make the cashback payment within 14 working days after the end of each month.

4.6 If we find out that any cashback has been given or calculated incorrectly, we reserve the right to reclaim or deduct payments from your Tide Business account, including with respect to card payments for anything that you later cancel or return for a refund. If your Tide Business account is terminated or disabled for any reason, then any cashback payable will be deemed to be forfeited. ​We reserve the right to withhold or reclaim any cashback we believe has been obtained fraudulently.

4.7 Cashback can only be earned on your Tide Business account which holds the “Cashback” membership and not on other business accounts you may hold with Tide. Additional card holder card transactions associated with the same account will also be counted towards the Programme.

4.8 If you cancel or downgrade your “Cashback” subscription before your cashback is paid, we’ll pay the total cashback owed to the main Tide Business account you hold. If you no longer hold a Tide Business account, you won’t get any cashback.

4.9 If we change or terminate the Cashback Terms, such changes won’t apply to card transactions that you have already made with your Tide card before the changes or termination came into effect.

5 Important Information

5.1 Our “Pro” membership plan includes a free unlimited UK transfers feature. Access to this feature is subject to Tide’s fair use policy (see our FAQs ( for further details). If you exceed our fair use policy, we reserve the right to discontinue your access to this feature and/or charge you at our standard rates in accordance with our Tide Terms for any transfer that does not comply with our fair use policy.

5.2 We can change or terminate these Paid Plan Terms and Conditions (including subscription fees and billing terms) on two (2) months’ notice. Any changes we make to these terms will be made available to you by email, in-app or through our website. You should save and/or print a copy of these terms for future reference. However, we reserve the right to change these terms without giving you notice where:

5.2.1 change benefits you;

5.2.2 we make a change to comply with law, regulation or related guidance and we’re not reasonably able to provide advance notice; 

5.2.3 if we’re introducing new services or features relating to the “Plus”, “Pro” and Tide “Cashback” membership plans;

5.2.4 the changes are minor, do not affect the quality of the service, do not materially impact the way it operates or your rights under these terms are not affected.

5.3 Unless you’ve told us otherwise before any change takes place, we’ll assume that you’ve accepted the change. If you do tell us that you do not accept any change, your notification will be deemed to be a notice that you wish to cancel your Paid Plan subscription on the date upon which the changes are due to take effect (or any other date that you request in advance of the changes taking effect).

5.4 If any term, condition, or provision of these terms is found to be unlawful, invalid, void, or unenforceable for any reason, the validity and enforceability of the remaining terms, conditions and provisions shall not in any way be affected or invalidated.

5.5 Any capitalised terms used here but not defined shall have the meanings given to them in the Tide Terms. The Paid Plan Terms and Conditions will prevail in case of any conflict with the Tide Terms.

5.6 If we don’t exercise the rights that we have against you straight away, we can still do so later.

5.7 English law applies to these terms, and the parties agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

6 Queries and Complaints

6.1 For any queries relating to “Plus”, “Pro” or “Cashback”, you can message us in-app via the member support function. You can also get in touch by emailing