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Direct Debit with GoCardless

How do I connect my Tide account with GoCardless?

Before you start to collect invoice payments by Direct Debit, first you’ll need to connect to GoCardless. It’s fast and easy – here’s what to do:

  1. Connect to GoCardless

    Log into Tide on the web and go to Invoicing. Click on an invoice. If the GoCardless option is available for that invoice, you’ll see a box for Direct Debit with GoCardless. Click Ready to set up. You can then either Sign up or if you already have a GoCardless account, choose Sign in

  2. Send mandate request to your customer GoCardless will ask your customer to authorise a Direct Debit mandate. You’ll be notified when they authorise it.

  3. Create invoice in your Tide app or Tide on the web Set the payment terms as usual.

  4. Schedule payment by Direct Debit Via Tide on the web, schedule the payment, either for the invoice due date or another day you choose.

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