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Can I make international payments?

Yes, you can make international payments in EUR via SEPA (The Single Euro Payments Area) now. To do this, you’d have to request your account’s EURO SEPA details and accept the SEPA T&Cs available here

You can also receive international payments in EUR via SEPA. To see your EUR SEPA details, go to the 'Payments' tab > tap 'Details' next to your main account > 'EUR SEPA'. Then, tap 'Share' to share them with your payors from SEPA countries and receive payments from them. 

We’ll convert any euros you receive into pounds and credit them to your primary GBP Tide bank account, minus a 0.50% FX markup.

To learn more about SEPA, and how to use it to send or receive international payments, visit the dedicated FAQ page.

You can receive international payments in GBP via SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) too. 

To do this, you’ll need your SWIFT account details. You can find these in your app by tapping the ‘Payments’ tab > ‘Details’ next to your main account > ‘SWIFT’. Then tap ‘Share’ to send your details to your payors. 

We will charge you 20p per payment. If you’re using one of our paid plans, we’ll start charging the 20p fee after you’ve gone over your monthly free transactions limit. 

You can’t send payments via SWIFT but we will let you know if we make this possible in the future.

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