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My company and all its controlling persons are tax resident only in the UK - do I still need to certify? Will you share my details with other tax authorities?

Depending on the circumstances, the account may be reportable or not reportable to the tax authorities. Broadly speaking, this will depend on the tax residency of your entity, the type of your entity and the tax residency of the Controlling Persons. If there is no indication of tax residency outside of the UK, the account will typically not be reportable, however, we still need you to complete the self-certification in order to confirm the correct status.

However, should any of the circumstances change or where there is subsequently an indication of tax residency outside of the UK, your account might become reportable.

You are required to inform Tide as soon as possible of any changes to the information provided in your self-certification form for your account. Tide must be notified no later than within 90 days of such change.

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