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Can I receive currencies other than GBP into my account?

At the moment, you can only receive funds in GBP or euros into your account, and funds sent to you in other currencies will be rejected. We're working hard to enable funds to be received in other currencies and will be in touch when this becomes available to you.

To receive payments in euros, you'll need to get your International Bank Account Number (IBAN) and Bank Identifier Code (BIC), by agreeing to the T&Cs of our product. To get yours:

  1. Open your Tide app and tap your primary 'Tide Current Account'

  2. Scroll down to 'International Account Details' and tap 'EUR SEPA' > 'Get EUR SEPA details'

Once you've got your IBAN and BIC, share them with anyone paying you in euros. We’ll convert any euros you receive into pounds and credit them to your primary GBP Tide bank account, minus a 0.50% FX markup.

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