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How do I set up a future-dated payment or standing order from my Tide account?

At Tide, we call standing orders and future payments 'scheduled payments'. You can set scheduled payments up on a weekly, monthly or one-off basis.

It’s easy to set up a scheduled payment. In your Tide app, tap Pay > Scheduled payments > Schedule new payment. On Tide on the web, go to Account management > Scheduled payments.

There’s no cost to set up a scheduled payment. The transfers are charged at the normal rate of 20p per outbound Faster Payment, unless you’re a Tide Plus or Cashback member and you're within your free transfer allowance for the month.

You can schedule one-off payments up to one year in advance. Weekly and monthly scheduled payments can be set up to start from the same day you create the payment, and up to a maximum of one year in advance.

Your usual account limits apply to scheduled payments. Check your account limits in your Tide app by tapping More > Accounts. If you need to transfer more than your limit allows, please tap Support in your Tide app to send us a message requesting a limit increase.

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