KEY FACTS: Virtual office address

Tide’s Virtual Office Address service

The service is only available to Tide members who sign up for a Tide account through our Company Formations service. The virtual office address service is provided by our partner, Hoxton Mix.

Please read this information carefully. It forms part of the Hoxton Mix Virtual Office Address Terms and Conditions, which you will need to accept in order to receive the service.

What’s included

Your plan includes:

  • Registered office address:
    86-90 Paul Street, London, EC2A 4NE
  • Correspondence address for director:
    86-90 Paul Street, London, EC2A 4NE
  • Same day mail scanning and email forwarding:
    • All mail will be opened by our provider, Hoxton Mix.
    • Official mail will be scanned and emailed to you on the same day it’s received.
    • Unofficial mail (for example advertising) will be returned to the sender.

The plan does not include collecting or forwarding mail, with the exception of cheques which will be forwarded by mail.

What’s not allowed

The service must not be used for these purposes:

  • As a trading address.
  • Registering or managing a vehicle, including with the DVLA.
  • Receiving any unlawful, harassing, libellous, abusive, threatening, harmful, vulgar, obscene or otherwise objectionable material.
  • WayBills or export documentation, or other official customs declarations.
  • For multiple company names and/or trading names.
    You can’t add more than one company/trading name to your subscription, unless specifically agreed with us.
  • Google My Business guidelines state that virtual offices are not considered to be service-area businesses and that you need to have the office staffed during business hours.

All items sent to the virtual office address must comply with Royal Mail® rules. Items which are prohibited and restricted will not be accepted. View list at the Royal Mail website: Prohibited and restricted items.

The Hoxton Mix Virtual Office may refuse to accept delivery of any item that appears to be harmful to our customers or employees.

How much it costs

Your first month is free of charge. This isn’t a calendar month, it’s the month from the date your company is incorporated.
Future months are charged in advance.

Each month, we collect the payment on the day of the month your company was incorporated. For example, if your company was incorporated on 12 July, your first payment will be taken on 12 August as payment in advance for 12 August to 11 September; then, your next payment will be collected on 12 September as payment in advance for 12 September to 11 October.

We take your payment directly from your Tide account and send confirmation after payment has been made.

If you don’t pay

If we can’t collect your monthly payment on the due date because you don’t have enough money in your Tide account, we’ll send you a reminder by email and try to collect the money every day for 20 days.

After 20 days, if we haven’t been able to collect the payment, we’ll cancel your subscription with immediate effect. This means that post will no longer be forwarded to your email address and you can no longer use the Paul Street registered office address provided by Hoxton Mix. It’s your responsibility and legal obligation to give Companies House, HMRC and Tide the details of your new registered office and correspondence address. If you don’t do this, we or Hoxton Mix may inform Companies House on your behalf.


You can cancel your subscription for your virtual office address at any time by messaging us in the Tide app. We’ll email you to confirm we’ve cancelled your subscription.

Before we can begin to process your cancellation request, you must first give us an alternative address for your registered office and correspondence address. It is your legal responsibility to inform HMRC and Companies House of your change of address before contacting us.

If you cancel mid-month, you won’t receive a refund for the remainder of the month.

Processing your cancellation can take up to three days so to avoid being charged for the following month, please request your cancellation a minimum of four days before your payment date.

From the date you cancel, all mail sent to the virtual office address will be returned to the sender, so you must update your details with Companies House and HMRC before cancelling.

If you cancel your subscription, you can’t re-subscribe via Tide. However, you may set up another subscription by contacting our provider Hoxton Mix directly.

If we successfully incorporate your company with Companies House but we can’t open a Tide account for you, your virtual office address subscription will be active but our provider Hoxton Mix will contact you directly in the future. You may be asked to change your registered office address and to stop using their service. This is at their discretion. You will not be charged by Tide for this service.

If you close your Tide account, your subscription for your virtual office address will automatically be cancelled on the day your Tide account is closed.

Tide and/ or Hoxton Mix have the right to terminate the virtual office address service at any time, with notice of one month.

And finally…

We may amend this document at any time in accordance with the Hoxton Mix Virtual Office Address Terms and Conditions, in particular clauses 3.2 and 11.5.

If you have a query, problem or complaint, message us in the Tide app and we’ll do our best to help.