Would you recognise a smishing scam?

Would you recognise a smishing scam?

We know our members are smart but fraudsters are getting smarter. Could you tell if a text message was real or from a fraudster?

Smishing‘ is when criminals send text messages which look like they’re from a bank, utility company or another organisation you use and trust.

We know you’re busy so it can be easy to make a mistake. Remember: always be suspicious about any out-of-the-blue messages. You might receive a fraudulent message in any of your inboxes: email, texts, WhatsApp or another messaging system.

Example of a fraudulent text message

We don’t send text messages asking you to confirm transactions or reply to us.

So if you get an SMS claiming to be from Tide, like the example shown here, do not reply. It’s fake.

If you’re not sure, just message us in the app and we’ll reassure you. If you receive a call from Tide, all agents can send you an in-app message to assure you it’s us too.

If you’ve replied by mistake to a message you think might be a scam, just get in touch with us and we’ll let you know what to do.

Can you outsmart the fraudsters?

Take Five to stop fraud

Take the quick quiz and get a refresher on how to protect yourself and your business from fraud at the Take Five website.

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