Meet Vlad, our iOS Engineer

The Tech team builds and maintains the Tide app that our members use every day. We’d love for you to meet the people behind the software engineering team – here’s Vlad, our iOS Engineer.

👋 Hey Vlad! Introduce yourself in a sentence.
Hey, I’m Vlad! I’m from the country where Dracula’s legend was born – Romania. I am passionate about science, tech and everything related to how we evolved as a species.

What’s your background?
Since a relatively young age, I was around computers. My high school focussed on programming and I studied System Engineering at Gheorghe Asachi Technical University. I later fell in love with the Apple and iOS ecosystem. I started out by freelancing as a developer, and then worked for a few companies before coming across Tide.

How did you cross paths with Tide? / What made you want to join Tide?
My personal goal is to help people have better lives through mobile apps! And this is one of the core purposes of Tide so I knew I’d like it here before even joining.

What’s your typical working day?
We usually have a stand-up meeting in the morning, but after that you never know what’ll happen next! So you never get bored here – I like that because you can grow in ways that you can’t foresee.

What’s your favourite Tide feature?
I worked closely on the Scheduled Payments feature, so it’s very close to my heart.

What’s the most interesting challenge you’ve came across since you joined Tide?
I’m always learning how to collaborate better in a cross-functional team. I look forward to seeing how the mobile team will evolve, especially because the more people we have, the more of a challenge communication will be.

What are you most looking forward to at Tide this year?
I want to see us grow even more and serve our members even better.

What’s your hidden talent?
I can play a few songs on the piano and guitar.

When you’re not at Tide, what’s your favourite thing to do?
I love a lot of things: hiking in the countryside, playing the piano, and reading practical stuff that improves my skills and understanding of the world.

Young Vlad