Go further with the fastest business loan in the world

Applying for business credit is slow and painful, and 100,000 UK firms are refused a bank loan each year. According to the British Business Bank, that’s approximately £4bn that could be fuelling company growth and benefiting the UK economy.

We believe that businesses deserve more.

So in partnership with iwoca, we’ve made accessing credit just as easy and painless as it is to join Tide. You can get approved for up to £15,000 through the app, with a decision in minutes, and up to £150,000 on request.

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Applications only leave a soft footprint on your credit report, making our product ideal for those building their credit scores. Once you’re approved, funds are transferred instantly. We also don’t charge any repayment penalties.

Join other business owners already managing their cash flow with short term credit at Tide, such as Charles Haynes Managing Director at Ziggurat.

“High street banks were extremely uncompetitive…they required constraining personal guarantees, were inflexible or expensive.

“The loan with Tide is amazingly flexible and quick, and easy to forecast; and there’s no troubling or overly-risky legal ramifications. It’s also a process that can easily fit into our small business decision making.”

Download the Tide app, or login on your phone and get approved instantly for credit up to £15,000, with up to £150,000 available on request.