New feature: Invoicing

We’re delighted to announce our new and improved Invoicing feature is ready for you to use! 

We’ve rebuilt Invoicing with feedback and suggestions from you, our members. It’s available for all Tide members, free of charge, in the Tide app and Tide on the web.

Free Invoicing feature for all Tide members

It might not be a topic most people can get excited about but here at Tide we love invoicing. So much so that quite a few of us have spent this year developing and improving our Invoicing feature. 

We first released our brand-new Invoicing feature to a beta-group of 2,250 Tide members in May 2020 and, from today, it’s available to all Tide members. 

And if you think invoicing can’t be exciting, then how about this: it’s FREE, for sole traders and limited companies, no matter whether you have basic, Plus or Premium Tide membership.

Every small business needs to invoice customers so this feature is one way we can help you spend less time on financial admin. More time to do what you enjoy – that’s definitely something worth getting excited about.

You asked, we’ve built it

Our beta-test group of Tide members gave us plenty of feedback, telling us exactly what they need Invoicing to do. We used this feedback to list and prioritise tasks for development.

The Invoicing feature we’re launching today includes many of the features our members asked for:

  • add, view and edit your customers
    Easily see all your customers in one place, update their details and add a new customer whenever you need to.
  • write a personal message
    Edit the email that sends the invoice to your customer. Whether you want to give it a personal touch, add extra detail or just to say thank you, you can write whatever you like.
  • add recipients as CC and BCC
    Because you told us that you often need to copy an invoice to someone else.
  • add VAT
    We’ve added preset VAT rates and made it easier to make (and to read) VAT invoices.
  • create invoices quickly and easily
    Also known as ‘improving UX’. Thanks to your feedback, we’ve made it easier to create, personalise and send an invoice.
  • send clearer PDF invoices
    Our designers have given our templates a make-over so your invoices are more professional-looking, clearer and easier to read.

As well as these improvements, we’ve upgraded the tech behind-the-scenes to make Invoicing as slick as possible and to prepare the app for more functionality we’ll be adding later this year.

What’s next?

Here’s a preview of what we’ll be adding to Invoicing later this year…

  • mark invoice as ‘paid’ and move to separate folder
    See at a glance which invoices are outstanding. Keep your invoice list clear with all ‘paid’ invoices automatically moved to a separate folder.
  • match transaction to invoice
    To help make your accounting even easier, you’ll be able to match a payment in your Tide account to the invoice. We’re working on making this fully automated.
  • auto-generate reference numbers
    No need to type in your own invoice references, you’ll have the option to choose an auto-generated number.
  • draft invoices
    Prepare invoices in advance so they’re ready to go when you need them.
  • send chase-ups
    Select ‘Chase’ to send an email to nudge your customer who hasn’t paid on time. Or choose to automatically chase an invoice not marked as paid on the day it’s due.
  • sync with your accountancy software
    Just like you can sync your Tide transactions with many accounting systems like Xero and QuickBooks, soon you’ll be able to sync your invoices too. 

Tried and tested by our members

At Tide, a key part of our development process for any feature is testing it with members. Here’s what Tide members who tested our Invoicing feature in early 2020 had to say about it:

“We do all our invoices with Tide – it’s quick and easy!”

“The process is simple and easy to use. It’s great you’re continually improving the app.”

“This is a great company tool for us.”

“I get on great with invoicing from the app – I like that it’s nice and easy to use.”

Get started with Invoicing

How are you doing your invoices at the moment? Documents, folders and a spreadsheet? Do you pay for software or an app? Or maybe someone else does them for you? Whatever you’re doing now, you can try Tide Invoicing free of charge. 

To get started:

  • Log into the Tide app or Tide on the web
  • Go to Invoice
  • Follow the steps to set up your customer and create the invoice
  • Write a personal message, check and send 

We hope you’ll love Invoicing as much as we do! Take a look and let us know what you think. Email us: or message us in the app.

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Suzanne Worthington

Suzanne Worthington

Senior Writer