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During this time you won’t be able to make card payments or outbound transfers. Payments sent to you will be delayed until after maintenance is finished. Check status.tide.co for updates

NEW: Chase up overdue invoices

Tide Invoicing - Schedule chasers

We’re pleased to announce that our latest improvement to Invoicing is now live! 

You can now set up and personalise reminders to send to customers about outstanding invoices. 

Schedule chasers for future dates and your message will send automatically at 10:00 on the day you choose. If the invoice is then marked as paid, any scheduled chasers won’t be sent.

How to schedule invoice chasers

  • Log into your Tide app and go to Invoicing 
  • Select an invoice and tap Options > Chase invoice 
  • Set a date for the chaser message
  • Review, add a personal message if you like, and hit Send
    Chaser messages are scheduled for 10:00 on the date you choose. 
  • When an invoice is marked as paid, any future chasers you’ve scheduled will be disabled

Can’t see this in your Tide app?

Go to your app store and make sure you’re using the latest version of the Tide app.

Tell us what you think

To improve the Tide app and our services, we’re always listening to your feedback. What do you think of this new feature? Share your thoughts by email: invoicing.feedback@tide.co  

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