Small business accounting guide

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Build a well-oiled accounting system for your small business

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    Everything you need to know about small business accounting today

    How to effectively manage your business accounting without stress

    So, you’re starting a business. Among the pressures of generating customers and delivering a product or service people love, you’ve got to make sure your accounting is in order.

    For small business owners

    Luckily, accounting doesn’t have to be complicated. In this free ebook, we’re going to show you everything you need to know about accounting without stress. From opening a business account to getting your books in order; you’ll learn exactly how to keep your accounting systems running like a well-oiled machine.

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    In this free ebook, you’ll learn:

    • What to look out for when opening a business account
    • The importance of keeping on top of your bookkeeping tasks
    • Why maintaining a positive cash flow is key (and how to forecast)
    • Expense tracking systems (and what you can and can’t expense)
    • The first steps to employing someone and getting them on payroll

    What’s inside

    Small business accounting tips in 5 chapters

    1. UK sort code and account number

      Choose and open an account that’s right for you

    2. How to get your bookkeeping in order

      Organise transactions and predict cash flow

    3. How to calculate your taxes

      Understand how much you need to pay

    4. How to set-up invoices

      Make sure you get paid on time

    5. How to track your expenses

      Learn about expense categories and what’s allowable

    6. How to set up a payroll system

      Pay your employees and get compliant

    Small business accounting guide

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