KEY FACTS: VAT Registration

Tide’s VAT Registration Service

The service is only available to new Tide Members with a limited company.

Please read this information carefully. It forms part of the Quickfile Terms and Conditions, which you will need to accept in order to receive the service.

What’s included

As part of the VAT registration service, you will receive:

  • Submission of your VAT registration on your behalf with relevant information about your company
  • Email support for your application if not automatically accepted by HMRC – Quickfile will help resolve up to 4 HMRC follow up inquiries as part of this service. You’ll hear directly from Quickfile to help move this process forward
  • A VAT certificate including your VAT number and effective registration date
  • Information on when to submit your first VAT return and payment

Typically, we are able to provide a VAT number in 7-10 business days; however, in some challenging cases, the turnaround time may be 3-5 weeks. We will need you to respond to our inquiries that may be raised during the application process in a timely manner, so that we may process your application. If you fail to respond to these inquiries, we may terminate your application without a refund.

It is your responsibility to ensure that information submitted to HMRC is accurate and that you fulfil the responsibilities of being VAT registered after using the service.

Registering for VAT is solely your decision. Tide and Quickfile do not accept any responsibility or liability for any outcomes arising from a VAT Application. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have selected the correct VAT scheme and engage the appropriate advisors as is necessary. Tide and Quickfile do not provide legal, financial or tax advice. 

How am I billed

The service is £39.99 (including VAT) and is charged directly from the Tide account once you’ve submitted your details. We’ll provide a receipt for your records. 

While every effort is made to provide you with a VAT number, in some exceptional cases, HMRC may not be able to process the application successfully. The decision to issue a refund will be made on a discretionary basis and will depend on the prior work so far carried out to fulfill the Service. If a VAT1 application has been prepared and submitted to HMRC by Quickfile, the work will be deemed to have been carried out and any refund can be made only in exceptional circumstances

In other exceptional cases, Quickfile may contact you about additional information that requires additional cost to process. This may happen if HMRC requires further documentation or information to process the case. These options will be presented to you before a decision is made to continue with the application.

And finally…

We may amend this document at any time. Tide and Quickfile have the right to stop the VAT registration service at any time and terminate this contract with or without notice to you. 

You may stop this contract at any time by providing written notice via email to Tide and will not be entitled to a refund in the event of termination unless otherwise decided by us. If at the time of termination, if an application has not been submitted to HMRC, you can request that the application be cancelled. If you have a query, problem or complaint, message us in the Tide app and we’ll do our best to help.