Andi Jarvis, the strategist who extracts ideas

Size can be deceptive. Eximo is a marketing consultancy with blue-chip clients, from the NSPCC and high-street banks, to universities and international companies. Eximo co-ordinates large campaigns involving a network of agencies.

Behind the scenes at Eximo is Andi Jarvis – the founder, boss and sole employee.

I do the thinking bit at the beginning of marketing

“I do the thinking bit at the beginning of marketing,” says Andi. “A lot of agencies jump straight into implementation. Eximo is derived from the Latin word for ‘extract’, and that’s exactly what I do! I go in with questions and run workshops and pull the ideas out of people. Then I put that into processes and frameworks, so it becomes a campaign.”

Andi then recruits other agencies to get involved as the project scales up.

I’m stronger than bigger agencies, because I can be independent and flexible

“I tap into a network of small companies and freelancers. Big agencies already have deals with media companies and their own units. I bring in specialists. It means I’m stronger than bigger agencies, because I can be independent and flexible.”

Clients love the agility. And it makes Eximo a powerful beast.

But there is a certain challenge. Andi spends his time travelling, making it hard to focus on admin.

“I live 20 miles outside Belfast. It’s a beautiful place, but my clients could be in Dublin or Liverpool or London. I fly at least once a week and frequently catch the train to meetings. When you work in a big agency, you have an accounts team, and a whole structure around finance and chasing invoices. Someone takes care of all those problems for you. I don’t have that.”

To sort out his finances Andi, chose Tide to open his business bank account.

“Tide was built to be used on the go. I looked at the reviews and case studies, and knew it was the account built for people like me.”

He knew from the first moment that he’d found the right account. “I was like, okay, I’ll give it a go. From starting the application, it took two minutes. And I immediately had an account number and sort code which I could put on invoices. The card arrived a couple of days later in this amazing packaging. I said, Wow!”

Now Andi can speed through his admin wherever and whenever he needs. Stress is reduced, and mind space freed up.

“I’ll do admin on the train. When I have to invoice a client or pay a supplier, the fact that I can do it on the go means that I don’t have to set aside “Admin Time” in my diary. I can just do a few minutes here and there.”

With his paperwork sorted, Andi is free to focus on growing Eximo. He believes his formula of being small and nimble will last for years.

My strength is my independence

“You’ve got to play to your strengths. If you’re an e-commerce retailer, you shouldn’t try to be like Amazon because they’ve got that sewn up – understand where you’re strong and focus on that. My strength is my independence, and the reason why I can help my clients find the best partners to deliver their campaigns. Big agencies can’t offer independence, because they aren’t independent!”

And despite all the travelling and intense demand for his services, he’s even found time to keep fit.

“You’ve got to! Otherwise you fall ill. I place a real premium on sleep, bedtime routines and exercising. If you want to run a successful business, you’ve got to stay healthy!”

Check out Eximo Marketing’s website here:

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