Cash deposits are here

Cash deposits are here

Coin. Readies. Moolah. Whatever you call it, you can now deposit cash into your Tide account.

You no longer need to spend your lunch break queueing in your local bank branch – just pop to your local post office or newsagent instead. We’ve partnered with the Post Office and PayPoint, so you can make cash deposits into your Tide account with no fuss, at over 40,000 convenient locations across the country.

Simply hand your Tide card and cash to counter staff, and it’ll appear in your account by the next morning (net of charges).

Here’s what you need to know:

At the Post Office

  • Deposits will be charged at £1 per transfer
  • Post Office counter staff will give you a confirmation slip – hold on to this as proof of deposit
  • You can find your local Post Office branch here

With PayPoint

  • Deposits will be charged at 3% of the total deposit value
  • Deposits will appear in your account immediately
  • You can find your local PayPoint store here


You’ll be able to deposit between £10 and £500 per day.

We’re always interested to hear your feedback, so do let us know via the Help chat in-app, or email us at

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