What’s new with expenses

What’s new with expenses

There’s probably someone, somewhere, who looks forward to staying up all night to rifle through a month’s worth of old receipts, and we applaud them, but there’s no denying that they’re the exception to the rule.

It’s our mission to help our members spend less time and money on their business and financial admin. We’ve got some game-changing expense management tools in the pipeline, but first, we needed to iron out the basics.

What’s new?

Edit or delete notes and attachments, and more info at a glance

The transaction screen has had a revamp to show more information at a glance, with added functionality to edit or delete any notes or attachments associated with your transactions.

Bulk export transaction attachments with your CSV

Head to Tide on the Web to download your transaction history with attachments and send them on to your accountant.

What’s coming next?

Bulk upload receipts and we’ll automatically match them to your transactions

Photograph or upload receipts and we will use our OCR technology to automatically match them to your relevant transactions using our transaction matching algorithm.

View and export VAT paid on transactions

Visualise what VAT you’ve paid, and been paid within the Tide app, then export it to share with your accountant.

Push categories, comments and attachments directly to your accountancy software

Make bookkeeping effortless with our next level accountancy integrations. Seamlessly push expense data from your Tide account directly to your accountancy software to reconcile in one click.

Why should you use it?

HMRC requires all small businesses within the UK to keep detailed financial records of their spending for up to 5 years, these records are crucial when filing VAT, corporation tax and self assessment. 

In the past it was necessary to keep a hard copy of all receipts, but not anymore, HMRC are encouraging SMEs to finally go digital instead.

You can finally throw away that old receipts shoebox!

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