Tide on TV!

Our mission is to save time (and money) for people who work for themselves, and we are already doing that for almost 100,000 small business owners, freelancers and contractors. 

We want to spread the Tide word further and are bringing Tide to an even bigger audience  with our first TV ad!

Tide is taking to the small screen with a playful advert that introduces Phil, our freelance hero, mastering the art of improvisation. The advert incorporates the Tide personality and celebrates a key skill mastered by many successful entrepreneurs – improvisation. 

Improvisation and resourcefulness are skills built into entrepreneurs’ DNA: they’re natural creatives, who thrive on finding quick solutions and fixes to unexpected challenges. 

Some of their best ideas come out of tricky situations – entrepreneurs are creative, agile, nimble, adaptive, resilient, resourceful and innovative improvisers.  

In the unexpected situations business life throws at entrepreneurs, it is improvisation that helps them to act fast, come up with their best ideas, bring the agility, resilience and innovation needed to create a successful business. 

Tide offers people who work for themselves a single tool to manage their banking and business admin, giving them one less thing to worry about and meaning they can focus their improvisation skills on growing their businesses. 

As we introduce Phil across our social channels, we’ll be asking our small business community to share their improvisation stories. We’re looking for video, phone and written submissions, to hear our community’s most innovative tales of improvisation. Prizes will go to the most creative stories so get in touch on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @tidebanking.