Tide takes to the TV…again!

On our mission to help as many business owners as possible save time on their banking and admin we took to the small screen back in August with our first TV advert, introducing Phill, the entrepreneur mastering the art of improvisation! Following the success of that ad, we have now reached more than 110,000 members and are launching another one!

Our first ad incorporated the Tide personality and celebrated a key skill mastered by many successful entrepreneurs – improvisation. 

Improvisation and resourcefulness are key skills built into entrepreneurs’ DNA: they’re natural creatives, who thrive on finding quick solutions and fixes to unexpected challenges. 

Some of their best ideas come out of tricky situations – entrepreneurs are creative, agile, nimble, adaptive, resilient, resourceful and innovative improvisers.  

In the unexpected situations business life throws at entrepreneurs, it is improvisation that helps them to act fast, come up with their best ideas, bring the agility, resilience and innovation needed to create a successful business. 

For our next ad, we’re introducing Ciara, an entrepreneur wearing multiple hats, keeping up with customer demands and again, demonstrating her improvisation skills.

We care passionately about small businesses and strive to empower them to be as successful as they possibly can. By speaking to our members and other small business owners we have discovered that being flexible, adaptable and ultimately, open to improvisation, often leads to a happy and more successful business. 

In our latest TV ad, we wanted to demonstrate that you don’t have to be perfectly organised and have everything planned out to be successful. The combination of learning to say ‘yes’ before ‘no’, accepting each other’s ideas and taking risks, alongside using the right tools to make life easier, such as Tide, you should be onto a winner!