Tide’s response to the war in Ukraine

Over the past few distressing days the implications of the devastating attack by Putin on sovereign Ukraine have started to sink in. 

Tide usually does not take political stances. However, the far reaching implications for free society will require all of us to take sides. Tide firmly stands with Ukraine. Their strive for self-determination and standing up for what is right could not be more aligned with our value system.  

Like many businesses, Tide has team members, friends and family in Ukraine and our thoughts are forever with them. While the path ahead is unclear, we are doing all we can to support the people of Ukraine.

  • We have offered relocation coverage and visa support, as well as financial support to our Ukraine-based Tideans and their families, doing what we can to help them to keep safe.

  • We have and are fully implementing the sanction regime and will act swiftly and decisively on any related enforcement.

  • We are holding open conversations amongst Tideans to discuss the conflict, share our feelings in a safe space, support each other and agree on actions we will take to help everyone affected. In addition, we recommend Tideans and others take part in other sessions to learn ways to process grief, anger, and other strong emotions, as well as ways to cope, such as Modern Health’s Processing Stressful World Events circles

  • We’ve committed to making a donation to UNICEF to support their emergency relief effort for the children of Ukraine. UNICEF is working around the clock to keep children safe, ensuring child health and protection services are sustained and families have access to clean water and nutritious food. 

We understand that this war is not supported by many Russians and admire their strength in making their voice heard. 

We will continue to monitor this terrible situation, keep in constant contact with our Ukrainian colleagues and ensure we respond in the best possible way to support them.

Photo by Max Kukurudziak, published on Unsplash

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