Business finance guide

The founder’s guide to small business finance

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    The complete guide to running a financially healthy business

    Keep your cash flow healthy and run a profitable business

    A lot of work goes into launching your own business: validating your idea, getting your first customers and – most importantly – ensuring its financial health.
    Whether you’re bootstrapping or looking for venture capital, knowing the numbers behind your operation is critical for reaching profitability and ensuring your burn rate is not too high.

    Master your business finances

    In this ebook, we dive into everything you need to know to manage, monitor and maintain the financial health of your business. You’ll learn about reports like cash flow forecasts, and how to truly understand your numbers. Everything you need to run a well-oiled financial engine is inside.

    Make keeping track of your finances a breeze with Tide

    Getting a business account with Tide is incredibly fast, easy and FREE. More than 300,000 business owners just like you have chosen Tide to help them manage their finances. Simplify your business admin and open your free business account today 🎉

    A screenshot showing the beginning of chapter one of the business finance ebook
    A screenshot showing the beginning of chapter one of the business finance ebook
    A screenshot showing the beginning of chapter one of the business finance ebook

    In this free ebook, you’ll learn:

    • The fundamentals of running a financially sound startup
    • How to calculate the costs involved in starting and running your business
    • How to use cash flow forecasts to map your future finances
    • How to get to grips with basic accounting processes
    • When to raise capital (and how to start the process)

    What’s inside

    Get on top of your business finances in 5 chapters:

    1. Startup finance basics
      Understand the main accounting methods and financial statements every business needs
    2. Knowing your raw numbers
      Work out how much money you need to launch your business
    3. Maintaining financial health through forecasts
      Predict how much you’ll earn and spend in your first year
    4. Accounting processes for startups
      Stay compliant and keep your business running smoothly
    5. Raising capital for your startup
      Sourcing the finance to fund your business
    Business finance guide

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