Small business financing guide

How to fund your small business

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    A complete guide to raising capital

    Create a financial plan for your business

    With so many ways to raise capital in today’s business world, it’s important to understand how each will impact your business. How do you decide which approach to take in order to generate cash flow early and bring your business to life?

    Whether you decide to bootstrap, borrow, or raise capital from investors, it’s critical to build a roadmap for financial success in the early stages of your business.

    Learn the four approaches to funding your business

    This ebook will share how to develop a financial plan, as well as four of the most effective ways to raise capital. You’ll learn about crowdfunding and business grants, as well as a complete overview of the complex world of attracting investors.

    Make keeping track of your finances a breeze with Tide

    Getting a business account with Tide is incredibly fast, easy and FREE. More than 300,000 business owners just like you have chosen Tide to help them manage their finances. Simplify your business finances and sign up with Tide today! 🎉

    How to fund your small business or startup page preview
    How to fund your small business or startup page preview
    How to fund your small business or startup page preview

    In this free ebook, you’ll learn:

    • The difference between internal and external financing
    • Questions you must ask yourself before raising capital
    • How to secure a business loan or get a grant
    • Different types of investors and which is right for you
    • Running a successful and profitable crowdfunding campaign

    What’s inside

    Get your business financed in 5 chapters

    1. Establishing a financial plan
      Understand the different types of finance and which one is right for you
    2. Getting a business loan
      The quick way to raise short or long-term finance
    3. Raising capital through investment
      Secure funds in exchange for equity in your business
    4. Financing your business with crowdfunding
      Use your product or idea to get people financially and emotionally invested
    5. Securing funding with grants
      Get money for your business that you don’t have to pay back
    Small business financing guide

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