Should I get an online accountant for my small business?

Should I get an online accountant for my small business?

Most business owners are familiar with the role of an accountant, and what they can do to help – but they’re not always aware of the different types of accountancy services that they could use. Online accountants are growing in popularity – here are a few of the benefits of opting for an online account versus one from the high street.

Taking the plunge to work for yourself, in an industry that you love, is the key to a happier life for many. When you finally decide to do this, it is likely that your main focus will be on creating the best product or service that you can. Sometimes, your eagerness to do so can result in other mundane questions remaining unanswered along the way.

Some go for the DIY approach and research all the necessary information independently. The other option is to employ an accountant to give you direction. Whilst getting an accountant is usually easier and less time-consuming, you’ll still need to make time for them. This can be particularly tricky for busy entrepreneurs who struggle to make time for appointments during office hours.

If this sounds familiar, fear not. There’s an alternative solution that you may not have yet considered – an online accountant.

So what’s an online accountant?

Many of us happily do our shopping or banking online. Whether it’s because you want to save time or just stay in the comfort of your own home, there’s no denying that doing it online is more convenient.

The same could be the case for your accounting. Online accountants are growing in popularity, and offer almost all of the same services as a traditional accountant. Just like an accountant on the high street, online accountants will take the time to speak with you, get to know your business and learn how they can support your business needs.

You’ll still get a dedicated accountant who you can call or email whenever you need, and usually get a same-day response. An online accountant will help you register your business, submit your tax returns and help manage your accounts in the same way as a traditional accountant would, but with the difference that you won’t need to allocate time out of your working day for this to happen. Online accountants work to streamline the services that they offer and respond to queries as quickly as possible, whilst ensuring that they are a cost-effective solution for their clients.

Sounds good. Are online accountants suitable for everyone?

Obviously, not everyone wants to be ‘online’, and having a traditional accountant who you can meet and speak with face-to-face might be non-negotiable. Consider what the most important factors are for you when choosing an accountant, based upon your lifestyle and your business needs.

Chris Mollan

Founder and MD at Clever Accounts

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