Alison Prangnell, the entrepreneur helping individuals unblock their potential

“I help individuals get past blocks in their lives, and improve their health,” says Alison, founder of Anderida Coaching. “Some want to give up smoking or an addiction. I also train executives and employees to manage stress, and perform  and communicate better.”

Many are struggling with drained energy levels.

Alison offers a variety of tools to help. She’s certified by the International Stress Management Association, and she’s qualified in hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming, or NLP.

She works with clients to resolve negative emotions, and discover a fresh and optimistic outlook.

“Not everyone knows what NLP is,” she explains. “It’s a very clever psychological tool to help people out of the holding pattern they’ve got stuck in. They break out, and are able to see things differently as a result. Hypnotherapy works alongside that, because it works on the unconscious mind.”

All sorts of clients come to her. Entrepreneurs, sales people, and everyday folk in need of rewiring their mental circuitry.

“An obvious example in business is sales teams – they get limiting beliefs very quickly. One bad month and they start saying, ‘Well it’s never going to work, is it?’. But I work to unblock their potential.”

Other clients have deeper problems.

Quite often, people go through really profound and difficult experiences… It’s an immense honour to go on that journey with them.

“I had one female client who came to me because she had anxiety. She was adamant that a traumatic experience in the past wasn’t related to it at all. We worked together, and loosened up a lot of things, but it still wouldn’t go away. We did NLP, and took her back to that incident. She came out and suddenly went, ‘Oh my God! I feel so much better. I was sure it wasn’t that.’ I’d been with her for four sessions and I wasn’t surprised!”

Alison’s reputation stems partly from her long career before this role. She had an outstanding career as head of marketing for a consultancy, and is an experienced entrepreneur.

“My clients can see I’ve got twenty years experience in business,” she says. “And I have qualifications in neuro-linguistic programming. They can see the whole package.”

Her experience is helping her run the coaching business efficiently.

She chose Tide for her banking to minimise admin time, and keep costs low. And other aspects of Tide have made her a firm fan.

“When I’ve had a query about my account, someone gets back immediately. If I forget my PIN, it’s bish, bash, bosh and I’m in! So simple.”

Internet safety is important to her, too. “Because I used to work in cyber security, I had immense cynicism and scepticism about apps. I got over that with Tide.”

Anderida Coaching is still a young practice, but Alison is delighted that she’s able to offer her expertise to so many people in need.

“It’s an immensely emotional journey,” she admits. “Quite often, people go through really profound and difficult experiences. And I’m there with them, helping them sort that out. It’s an immense honour to go on that journey with them.”

Visit Anderida Coaching’s website here:

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