Extra security when you’re buying online – updates to 3D Secure

We first wrote about 3DS when we adopted these measures in March 2020. We’ve updated parts of this post to bring you the latest information, in line with the changes to 3DS coming into effect in March 2022.

Even if it hasn’t happened to you, it’s likely you’ve heard about fraudsters stealing someone’s card details and racking up huge bills online. We want to stop this type of card fraud and 3D Secure (3DS) adds an extra layer of security to make sure it’s genuinely you using your Tide card.

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What is 3DS?

3DS is a way of checking that it’s really you trying to make an online payment with your Tide card, including any Expense Cards – so it’s there to help keep you safe. At Tide, we led the charge in adopting 3DS, and we’ve been using it since March 2020 as an added element of security for your account. 

From 14 March, Tide will start rolling out further changes as part of 3DS, so we can help keep your money even safer when you’re shopping online. 

What are the changes?

When you get asked to approve a payment you’ve made with your Tide card, you can now do this straight from your Tide app. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. You’ll get a notification banner on your phone
  2. Tap the notification and it’ll take you into your Tide app – you’ll need to log in 
  3. Approve your payment. We’ll need to confirm your identity using the passcode or biometric approval you set up with your Tide app
  4. Complete your purchase  

To make sure you get the payment approval notification, you need to install the latest version of the app and have Tide notifications switched on.

Please note, after 5 minutes, the notification will expire. If that happens, you’ll need to make the payment again.

How do I turn on notifications?

Go to Settings > Notifications > Tide app and make sure you’ve got notifications turned on.

What about Expense Cards?

This change does affect Expense Cards, too. If you’re using an Expense Card, you’ll no longer receive notifications to approve payments. The main Tide account holder will receive these instead – so they’ll need to approve payments from their Tide app. To help with this, please make sure your team members are aware of this new process.

Tide’s Expense Cards aim to help business owners give their team the freedom to make their own purchases, so we understand how frustrating this change is. We’re very sorry for any disruption this has caused your business. 

We know how important it is to put this right, so we’re working on a solution that will let your team members approve their own online payments. This should be available in April – and we’d like to reassure you that we’re committed to solving this issue as a priority.

Beyond this solution, we want to do even more for our members, so we’re working on improved features for Expense Cards. These include giving your team the ability to upload receipts and manage their own Expense Card, while you’ll get real-time spending insights to monitor what’s being spent where. Your team will be able to tackle more of the admin, giving you back the time you need to focus on running your business. 

Why is 3DS being updated?

The updates to 3DS are part of the rules laid down in PSD2 (Payment Services Directive 2) by the financial regulators in Europe. These rules are intended to better protect everyone when they shop online.

It’s a legal requirement, too. As of 14 March, all banks and retailers (and other parties involved in making and receiving payments) must put the updated 3DS measures in place. We understand that this might be frustrating as you want to keep your business moving. These measures will help keep your money safe online so that fewer people are affected by fraudsters. 

Why do some transactions get declined?

If your online card payment doesn’t go through, check that you have sufficient funds in your Tide account and try the payment again.

If the payment still doesn’t go through, don’t worry – it’s unlikely there’s anything wrong with your card. As the enhanced security measures are rolled out, several merchants are facing challenges with the new version of 3DS.

Please get in touch with the retailer directly to find out if they use the updated version of 3DS.


What can I do to help protect my account?

To help with our 3DS rollout, please update your app to the latest version. We recommend you update the app regularly so you get the best possible experience from Tide.

Tide makes things quicker and easier for small businesses… but won’t 3D Secure slow me down?

Hardly. The check is very quick. It adds a few seconds to your transaction but it’s worth it for the extra reassurance for everyone that it’s genuine and not a fraudulent purchase.

To make buying online faster, make sure you have your mobile to hand and it’s switched on.

My question isn’t answered here…

If you’ve got a question about something else, you can ask us using the in-app chat or email us hello@tide.co We’ll be happy to help.

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