Listen again: How to create an innovative business idea (Tide Masterclass)

You can’t start a business without a solid idea. But how do you make sure your idea is right for you and for your potential customers?

In this Masterclass you’ll hear from our panel who have many years’ experience launching and supporting new businesses. They’re keen to help you convert your ideas into a real and successful business.

This event took place on 1 September 2020. If you couldn’t join us on the day or you’d like a recap, watch the recording below.

Masterclass: How to create an innovative business idea

Our Events Manager Cuan Hawker chairs this webinar. He’s joined by our speakers:

You’ll learn:

  • how to research your market 📊💬
  • how to assess your competitors  🔎💭
  • how to work out your set up costs 💰📝

This webinar is available for everyone. Our participants’ insights are particularly useful if you’re just starting out in business in the UK.

About Tide Masterclasses

Tide exists to help small businesses. We make your financial admin easier so you can spend more time doing what you love. Our Masterclasses are just one of the ways we support you and your small business.

In the sessions – currently happening online – we gather experts, often Tide members, to share insights and practical advice you can put into action straight away.

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