8 Tide app hacks every member needs to know

It’s no secret that we Tideans are obsessed with saving you money and making your financial admin easier. Here are our top 8 tips to help you get more from your Tide account and the Tide app:

  1. Use Tide to keep money separate
  2. Never mislay a receipt 
  3. Do expenses the smart way
  4. Create pots of money with sub-accounts
  5. Make VAT easier
  6. Get paid on time
  7. Sync with your software
  8. Get money back on what you spend

1. Use Tide to keep money separate 🙋🏾‍♀️👩🏾‍🔧

If you’re a sole trader, it’s smart to have your work earnings paid into a business account separate from your personal account. When it comes to doing your accounts, it’s so much easier to work out what you’ve earned because it’s not buried among the zillion other transactions going in and out of your personal account. 

If you opened a Tide account but then just kinda didn’t get around to changing your account number on your invoices…  do it now. 

Are you operating as a limited company? Then you already know that you have to keep your company’s money and your personal money separate. 

Whichever way you operate your business, get set up with a business bank account. Take a look at Tide’s features that are helping small businesses just like yours.

2. Never mislay a receipt 📄📲

Everyone knows that to claim expenses, you need to have a receipt as proof. But are you still keeping an envelope of paper receipts? Saving up a pile of receipts means you or your accountant has a very dull task ahead. But there is a better way. 

Did you know you can attach receipts to purchases you make with your Tide account? By doing this, you create an electronic record of your receipts.

How to upload a receipt

Snap a photo of a receipt with your phone, then open your Tide app, click the transaction and hit Add receipt.

You can also open the app, select the transaction, hit Add receipt then Take photo.

Stay super-organised by doing each receipt as you go along, or upload receipts in batches then match them. 

How to upload a batch of receipts

Go to More > Receipt importer

Read more about how our Receipt importer works:
Tide blog | Receipt importer – your expenses done in seconds

3. Do expenses the smart way 💳💳💳

Are you still processing expenses claims? Yet more piles of receipts to store, forms to check, petty cash to give out, transfers to make. You don’t have to faff about doing this. There’s a modern way.

Expense Cards, our company expenses Mastercards, are the modern solution for company spending. When you allow your staff to make purchases from your Tide account with their own card, they don’t have to fork out from their own pocket and then claim. And because there’s no need for you to process expenses claims, you gain your time back. 

You can apply for or up to 50 Expense Cards per Tide account.

Worried about over-spending? Easy: set up a sub-account so that Expense Cards spending can only come from that pool of money. Right now, we’re building the ability to set limits for individual Expense Cards. 

Expense Cards are just £5+VAT/month per card. 1 Expense Card included FREE with our Plus membership, or 3 free cards with Cashback or Premium membership. Why would you want to do expenses the old way? 

4. Create pots of money with sub-accounts 📥📥📥

Want to keep separate pots of money for company expenses, or to pay your tax bill? You can do that with Tide sub-accounts

Remember, there’s no cost to transfer money to your sub-accounts – all transfers to/from one Tide account to another are free and don’t affect your transaction limits.

There are more ideas about what you can do with Tide sub-accounts (and what you can’t do) here:
Tide blog | Sub-accounts: organise your spending and saving 

5. Make VAT easier ⚡

Good hacks save you time or money. The best hacks save you time and money and a heap of stress. This hack is one of those.

What if your Tide app did your VAT for you? Yes, it’s possible – you can calculate how much VAT you owe HMRC and pay your VAT bill directly through the Tide app.

Our app links up directly with your HMRC Gateway account to make it as easy as possible to work out and pay the VAT you owe. It takes just a few minutes to set up – read how:
VAT Manager | How to get started

6. Get paid on time ⏱

What if your customers paid on time, every time? Many small businesses could save hours every month If you didn’t have to make those awkward phone calls and send email-nudges to customers about unpaid invoices. 

We have a solution that allows you to take control of your payments so you can get paid on time. When you set up an invoice in the Tide app, you can now select the option to have it paid via GoCardless

With GoCardless, you can collect payments for your invoices using Direct Debit. You set the payment amount and date, your customer authorises payment via Direct Debit and that’s it. Your customer doesn’t even have to remember to pay because it happens automatically. 

This method is especially handy if you have repeat customers. We’re all used to paying bills and subscription services by Direct Debit – but did you know you can change the amount? After your customer has authorised this way to pay, you can send them invoices in future for different amounts and still collect the payment by Direct Debit. 

Read more:
Tide blog | Get paid on time with GoCardless

7. Sync with your software 🔄

If you’re using one of the most commonly-used accountancy software packages, we hope you already know this hack.

We enable sync’ing so your Tide transactions automatically appear in your accounting system.

If you’re thinking of using an accountancy software package, or if you’re thinking about hiring an accountant to help with your finance admin, take a look at how to integrate Tide with your accounting software:

8. Get money back on what you spend 💰

If you use your Tide card and account regularly, then it might be worth upgrading to Tide Plus Cashback

As a Cashback member, you get all the best bits from our Premium membership (150 free transfers a month, legal helpline, our friendly account managers on hand by phone, and more) with one big bonus: every time you buy something using your Tide card, you’ll earn 0.5% cashback.

There’s a monthly fee for the service – which you can expense. And the cashback payments don’t count as taxable income (HMRC consider them to be a belated discount).

If you use Team Cards (see above: 3. Do expenses the smart way) then you also get cashback on what your team-mates spend on their Team Cards too.

To find out if Tide Plus Cashback is right for you, read more about it here:
Tide Plus Cashback | Earn cashback with your Tide card

Need a hand? ✋🏼

If you have a question about any of these hacks, send us a message in your Tide app and we’ll be happy to help.

Not yet a Tide member? 😳

To open a FREE business current account and start making your finance admin easier, apply now:

Have your say 📣

If you have a Tide tip or trick that we haven’t included here, tell us via LinkedInFacebook or Twitter.

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

Suzanne Worthington

Suzanne Worthington

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