Why lockdown is making us tired, snappy and selfish – and what we can do about it

Not functioning at your best?

Small business owners: think back over the last few weeks. Have you bickered with your partner or housemates? Found yourself snoozing in the daytime? Been taken over by unexpected emotions?

You’re not alone. As we attempt to settle into this ‘new normal’, what’s going on with our behaviour? As well as maintaining good relationships with others, we need to maintain our focus on our businesses, so how can we help ourselves perform better?

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In this video, small business owner, theatre director and trainer, Kiz Crosbie explains the effect the coronavirus lockdown is having on our brain and how this is affecting our behaviour. She then leads us through a couple of exercises used by theatre practitioners to alleviate the stress of emotional reactions.

Kiz is CEO of Mortal Fools, a theatre, drama and creative learning company based in Prudhoe, Northumberland. As well as creating professional theatre and leading youth projects, the company train people in business to communicate and perform at their best.

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