Kate Lindsey, the eco-friendly florist who knows how to make romance blossom

It’s Valentine’s Day! We at Tide believe that starting a business is a labour of love. Our members pour their hearts and souls into what they do. It’s beautiful.

And what better way to celebrate the day of love than an inside tour of where romance blossoms – a florist.

Kate founded The Natural Florist after having her second child: “I decided I had to set up on my own and combine two things I was passionate about…floral design and being environmentally responsible, plus be my own boss and make money for me!”

With a decade of experience in the trade she knows the industry like the back of her hand. But she wanted to do something new with The Natural Florist. “I use biodegradable, compostable and recycled products as much as I possibly can to minimise the use of plastics. My aim in two years is to be 100% green.”

The flowers are sourced locally. “We use local cutting gardens, farms, and allotments to support our British blooms, as well as being mindful of my carbon footprint.”

Valentine’s Day is a huge event for a florist like Kate’s. She goes the extra mile by creating bespoke bouquets for customers.

“I take a lot of inspiration from the Victorian era, they used flowers for language. A rose is love, but a tulip is a declaration of love! Many messages were sent within a posy. This is something I keep in mind when I’m creating for a client.”

Naturally, she sees it all, from shy teenagers to romancing couples. They’re all moments of real emotion.

“One day an older gentleman came into the shop and was looking at the flowers. I could sense he was a bit lost, and so I stood by him admiring the flowers and asked if I could help in any way. He looked right at me, and said, ‘Yes dear. My wife for 50 years has just passed and I would like to get some roses for her grave.’ His eyes welled up and I could feel his pain.”

“He went on to tell me how they met as young lovers in the Second World War, and how much he adored her. They would always ‘talk it out’ after words, and every night they said they loved each other. It was such a moving moment. I realised how amazing love was. When he left he said, ‘True love never dies Kate.’ I’ll never forget that man and his words.”

Learn more about The Natural Florist on their website

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