Kerstin Reichert - Digital Marketing Expert and Tide blog author Kerstin Reichert

Kerstin Reichert

Kerstin is an experienced digital marketeer and our Senior SEO Manager here at Tide Banking. She has gained experience in agency and in-house roles across numerous countries, working with large brands and many startups - helping them with online marketing.

Kerstin is always building her skill-set and is dedicated to sharing her knowledge and experience. She has been teaching various seminars and workshops over the last four years and is a leading instructor for Linkedin’s e-learning platforms - video2brain and Linkedin Learning. Kerstin is also an active member of iab UK Search Council and has been part of a women’s entrepreneur mentorship programme in Switzerland. 

In her current role, Kerstin looks after organic search optimisation at Tide, providing a great overall web experience and sharing with readers the best tips for starting and growing their small business

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