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Past events

Thu 7 Oct

Your step-by-step guide to mastering your cash flow

Episode 2: The importance of knowing your customer to get paid on time

In this second episode, we will talk about the importance of knowing your customer to maximise the chance of being paid on time.

We’ll cover:

– The importance of knowing who your customer is
– The risks of making assumptions when granting credit
– How to maximise the chances of getting paid promptly
– Live Q&A

Moderator: Valentine Hutchings – Tide team

Panellist: Philip King, former Small Business Commissioner and Tide Cash Flow Expert

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Thu 19 Aug

Your step-by-step guide to mastering your cash flow

Episode 1: Why it’s crucial to have your cash flow under control

Learn directly from a cash flow expert! Former Small Business Commissioner, Philip King is passionate about helping small businesses master their cash flow. During these live sessions, he’ll share his top tips and will answer your questions.

In this first episode, you’ll learn why cash flow should be a top priority for your business. We’ll cover:

– Why cash flow is a sink or swim issue
– Why badly managed cash flow is a risk
– The effects of late payment on a business
– Live Q&A

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Thu 13 May

How to manage your growing team – A guide on efficiency and useful tools

Along with a live Q&A session, here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Pain points that small business owners struggle with when it comes to Payroll and Expenses
  • Tips and advice on managing your growing team
  • How Tide can help

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Thu 18 Mar

IWD2021: A tale of female entrepreneurship

Along with a live Q&A session, here’s what we’ll cover in the hour:

  • How the panelists have come to start their businesses
  • The challenges they faced
  • Work life balance, what it means to them and how to cultivate it
  • How to make the female entrepreneur community more diverse and inclusive
  • Top tips for other women wanting to start a business

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Wed 24 Feb

Important financial dates for SMEs

Along with a live Q&A session, here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Key dates and what they mean for your business
  • Late filing and payment penalties
  • How to get your business ready
  • How Tide can help

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Thu 18 Feb

Tide Masterclass – How to find and work with a mentor

We will be discussing:

  • Building a business.
  • How mentoring and advice from others helped.
  • The dynamics of a good mentor pairing.
  • How Sistr can help with that now. 


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Thu 4 Feb

Tide Masterclass: Handling late payments with the Small Business Commissioner

Philip will be discussing:

  • The biggest challenges facing small businesses.
  • Cashflow.
  • The role of the Small Business Commissioner.
  • How to communicate properly.
  • How to get help.

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Thu 28 Jan

Tide Masterclass: How to go freelance

This can be a big and difficult decision so we will be looking at:

  • Is there a right time
  • Banking
  • Admin
  • First steps
  • What not to do
  • Things to plan for
  • Tools
  • The psychology of the change

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Thu 17 Dec

Get your small business ready for a knock-out 2021

We will be discussing:

  • Review of the year, the challenges and opportunities 2020 brought for SMEs
  • Tide Charity, our new initiative to support small businesses most in need
  • The products Tide launched to help our members this year
  • Looking forward to 2021 and what exciting new Tide features we have planned

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Thu 19 Nov

Tide Masterclass: Taking control of your cash flow – getting invoices paid

This topic is especially important in todays climate, we will be discussing:

  • The late payments problem
  • The impact on you 
  • The solution
  • GoCardles
  • How it works with Tide

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Thu 12 Nov

Tide Masterclass: Learn to enjoy negotiation with She Wins

This workshop is designed to teach participants fundamental negotiation skills and
principles. We will cover:

  • The key principles and frameworks behind successful negotiation
  • The importance of recognising and asking for your full value
  • How to frame an opening position and counter offers

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Thu 5 Nov

Tide Masterclass: Workplace pensions for SMEs and our other paid plan benefits

Knowing what is required as an employer in terms of pensions is vital. We will discussing:

  • Workplace pensions for SMEs and our other paid plan benefits
  • How Smart Pension works for you


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Thu 22 Oct

Tide Masterclass: How to price your new business and product correctly

For a new business it is so important to get your pricing right. Correct pricing will allow you and your customers to get the best from your products and services.

We will be covering:
– Know the market
– Know the customer
– Supply chain
– Flexibility in times of crisis or change

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Thu 15 Oct

Tide Masterclass: Creating an identity for your new businesses

Making sure your business has the right look and feel for you and your customers is imperative to being successful and relevant

We will be covering:

– What is needed
– Who can help
– Using an agency
– Tools

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Thu 8 Oct

Tide Masterclass: Maintaining your mental health whilst starting a business

Starting a new business can be tough and making sure you take care of yourself and your mental health is very important.

We will be covering:

– How to keep healthy
– What to put in place
– Setting goals
– Tools and resources

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Thu 24 Sep

Tide Masterclass: How to set up your financial accounting the right way

At Tide, we’re always working to make your financial admin easier so you can spend more time doing what you love: growing your business. This Masterclass will get you started in business accounting.

We will be covering:
– Using a accountant
– Tools to help you
– Where to start
– Requirements from the government

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Tue 22 Sep

Tide Masterclass: How to legal proof your business

The legal side of a business is very important but can sometimes feel like learning a new language. We will be discussing what you need to have in place from a legal standpoint.

We will cover:

– Understanding requirements
– Who needs to be involved
– Keeping records
– How to communicate properly

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Thu 17 Sep

Tide Masterclass: How to approach investors to fund your business

Knowing how to approach investors can be hard. What is the best way? What do they need to know? During this session we will help you understand what potential investors will want from you.
We will cover:
– Picking the right investor
– First communication
– Creating the right pitch and successful presentation skills
– Knowing your financials

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Tue 15 Sep

Tide Masterclass: How to choose the right type of funding for your business

Funding your business in most cases is essential in order to grow. But not all funding will be suitable. In this session we will ensure you start to understand how to find the right funding for you.

We will be looking at:
– The truths about getting investment

– Knowing the stage you are at

– Your investors money

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Thu 10 Sep

Tide Masterclass: How to write the perfect business plan

Having a plan is essential when setting up a business. Where do you start and what needs to be included? This webinar will give you a great starting point and essential information you will need.

We will be looking at:

– Who can help
– Templates and tools
– What to include

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Tue 8 Sep

Tide Masterclass: How to make the most of your market research

By dedicating some time to market research, you’ll gain a better understanding of your business and your customers.This webinar will show you how to carry out market research successfully.

We will be looking at:

– How to get started
– Tools to use
– Resources

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Thu 3 Sep

Tide Masterclass: A step by step guide to registering your business

Getting your business registered correctly is very important. Knowing how to do it and what tools are out there is something we want to help you with.

Our panel for this session has a great understanding of this issue and will be looking at:

– Timeline, what needs to be done and when
– Dos and don’ts
– Legal requirements
– Tools

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Tue 1 Sep

Tide Masterclass: How to create an innovative business idea

You can’t start a business without a solid idea but how do you make sure the idea you have is right for you and for your potential customers.

Our panel will be looking at this important issue and discussing:

– How to research the marketplace
– Sussing out your competitors
– Is there a need in the community
– Set up costs

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Thu 27 Aug

Tide Masterclass: Successful bookkeeping for small businesses

Our panel will provide your and your business with some important things to consider and to put in place in order to maintain hassle free bookkeeping. They will be discussing:

– Managing receipts
– Invoicing – dos and don’ts
– Payroll and wages – best practice
– Hiring an accountant/bookkeeper vs doing it yourself
– Top tools

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Thu 20 Aug

Tide Masterclass: How to maximise your profits

This session will allow you to further understand how to get the best from the money you make and learn new and interesting approaches that will enable you to maximise it.

The panel will be discussing:
– Ensuring a sales funnel
– Communicating with customers
– How to navigate communication and marketing
– Productivity

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Thu 13 Aug

Tide Masterclass: How to create a successful small business marketing strategy

During this session our panel of experts will share their knowledge and insight on how to plan, implement and evolve a solid marketing strategy.

– Social media
– CRM – how to create a good leads / building your
leads list
– Creating an authentic brand
– Ensuring diversity within your campaigns

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Thu 6 Aug

Tide Masterclass: How to be productive and avoid burnout during business growth

We’re joined by Emma Mills-Sheffield, a well renowned strategic business coach to discuss the following;

– Prioritisation and balance
– Strategy
– Fighting distractions
– Business growth

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Thu 30 Jul

Tide Masterclass: I’ve moved my business sales online due to Covid, now what?

With so many new and established businesses having to operate online, we will discuss what you and your business can do to ensure continued success and growth.

Our panel of experts will be discussing:

How to boost sales online or in-store
– A beginners guide to online sales
– Growth and maximising online sales
– Balancing business online and in-store

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Thu 23 Jul

Tide Masterclass: How to keep your business afloat for the rest 2020

Our panel of experts will be sharing some valuable advice on what you can be doing to ensure that your business comes out on top

They will be discussing:

– Lessons learnt from 4 months of pandemic
– How to ensure business survival and productivity
– How to future-proof your business for another crisis
– How to stay competitive

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Thu 9 Jul

Tide Masterclass: A conversation about race for small business owners

We will be joined by a fantastic panel to have an honest and open discussion on race within the SME world. Our panel will be discussing:

– Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurship
– What small businesses can do to help flag the issue
– Responsibility as an SME within your community
– Having to hide your race to succeed

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Thu 2 Jul

Tide Masterclass: How to reopen your business after the pandemic

We will be joined by a fantastic panel who will share their knowledge and insights.They will also be sharing some up to the minute Government stats and report findings.

They’ll be providing tips on;

– The new normal for health & safety requirements
– Consumer confidence
– How to attract clients back to your business
– How to plan for supply and demand
– Looking after your staff.

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Thu 25 Jun

Tide Masterclass: Invoice hacks and how to get paid

In recent months, there’s been evidence to suggest an increase in late or unpaid invoices for UK businesses. Our panel of experts will share their thoughts on how you can manage your invoices effectively.
They’ll be providing tips on:

– Assessing customer risk
– Negotiating payment terms
– How to invoice effectively
– Dealing with late payers

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Thu 18 Jun

Tide Masterclass: GDPR and compliance with the Tide and The Law Boutique

Join our legal team who will be hosting a webinar discussing GDPR, how it affects your business and processes to ensure you remain compliant.

We’ll be offering you helpful hints and tips to make the requirements and responsibilities under GDPR manageable for you, as well as answering your questions during a live Q&A session. 

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Thu 11 Jun

Tide Masterclass: Empowering employees through engagement, fun and culture.

Now more than ever it is important to empower and engage your employees and to also expect it from your employer. During this session we will talk about:

– How to understand employees’ needs
– What is out there to help employees and employers have fun as well as be productive
–  Do’s and don’ts in this arena as well as the importance of a culture within a business.

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Thu 28 May

Tide Masterclass: Aid business continuity during Covid


In this educational masterclass for Tide customers, the UK’s leading innovation funding specialist, Leyton, will explain how companies can quickly improve cash flow and operational efficiencies through innovation scheme funding and how employers can best support their staff.


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Thu 21 May

Tide Masterclass: Mental Health Workshop for the SME and Freelance Community

As part of Mental Health Awareness Week we will talk to some Tide members who operate in the physical and mental well being arena about the mental health journeys they have experienced during their careers.

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Wed 29 Apr

Tide Masterclass: How to stand out – building your brand and investing in your super strengths

Helen Tupper best-selling author of The Squiggly Career & CEO of career development company Amazing If, will talk through the actions you can take to build your personal brand and develop what you want to be known for. Join us for this interactive workshop and come away with actionable tools.

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Tue 14 Apr

Tide Masterclass: Riding out the Lock down – How to ensure your business survives and then thrives

Our webinar hosted by Tom Szekeres will help you work out the next steps for your business.

We’ll cover:
– Steadying the ship
– Getting help from the government and tech firms
– Looking after yourself and your team
– How to work better remotely and switching up your business model.

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Tue 31 Mar

Tide Masterclass: How to navigate a crisis with Creative Confidence

Join our webinar to help you work out the next steps for your business. Sarah and Claire at we are radikl are entrepreneurs and experts in using creative thinking to solve problems. You’ll come away with new insights and advice you can put into practice straight away.
(Image: Karina Lyburn)

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Thu 20 Feb

Masterclass: Making your first year in business a success

Tide HQ, London

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from Tide founder, George Bevis, who’ll be sharing his wisdom on how to start a business and make your first year a success.

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Wed 4 Dec

Masterclass: How to get the most out of your social media profiles

Learn how to harness the power of social media to create a brand identity, build a customer base and develop advocates for your business!

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27 Nov - 2 Dec

The Business Show

ExCel London

The two day event attracts more than 25,000 businesses who attend with the primary agenda of improving and expanding their business, and to anybody who has attended the show it will come as no surprise that it’s now the fastest growing business show in Europe.

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13 Nov - 18 Nov


ExCel London

Xerocon is the world’s most beautiful and innovative conference for cloud accounting leaders in the UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa. Swing by our stand and say hello to our team.

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23 Oct - 28 Oct

Festival of Enterprise

NEC Birmingham

The Festival of Enterprise is rapidly becoming the UK’s premier business event. There will be over 5,000 attendees, most of whom are business owners, CEOs or MDs of some of the most dynamic businesses in the UK. Join for free and come say hello to our team at stand E10.

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Wed 16 Oct

Tools for managing your energy and mental health when working for yourself

Work.Life Soho (Waverley House)

The Workr Group, Work.Life and Tide are hosting this event to help promote wellbeing at work among freelancers and the start-up community.
Looking after your mental health and managing your energy levels is massively important when working for yourself, so we invite you to join us for this exciting event.

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Wed 16 Oct

Women in Business Expo

Farnborough Conference Centre

Women in Business Expo delivers guidance, inspiration and business services to women at any stage of their career or business journey. A refreshing environment where women can learn, network and share insights and experiences plus meet service providers and companies to support their next career or business choice.

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Tue 1 Oct

Masterclass: Getting to grips with small business accounting

Work.Life Fitzrovia

Alex Falcon Huerta, Chartered Certified Accountant and Founder/Director of Soaring Falcon Accountancy, will give the low down on what you need to know to make sure you’re tackling your accounts correctly when starting a new business.

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Tue 24 Sep

Masterclass: How to create an effective business plan. And stick to it.

Work.Life Fitzrovia

You’re embarking on one of the biggest challenges of your life, creating a business. Gain helpful tips into how to develop your strategy.

Tara Reeves, Partner at OMERS Ventures, and experienced Venture Capitalist and entrepreneur, will share her tips and tricks for creating an effective business plan.

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Thu 19 Sep

Gravitas | Tide Platform | iOS Meet-up

Work.Life Clerkenwell

Gravitas & Tide will be hosting an iOS meet-up so that we can get together for a good evening full of talks, food & drink!

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Tue 17 Sep

Masterclass: PR and Marketing Hacks for Small Businesses

Work.Life Fitzrovia

In this Masterclass we’ve got the Founder and CEO of BIG little LDN in to tackle your most pressing questions around how to navigate the world of PR and Marketing as a small business with limited resource and budget.
Expect practical advice you can action the very next day.

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Tue 10 Sep

Accountex Summit North

Manchester Central Convention Complex

Launch yourself into the future of accountancy and finance at Accountex Summit North.
Get up to speed with practical advice and tips from industry thought leaders at this free, one day conference.
We are looking forward to seeing you there.

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Wed 17 Jul

Unbound London

The Truman Brewery

At Unbound London Tide will be represented on the Innovation in Finance panel by CEO, Oliver Prill, discussing how Technology has revolutionised finance and completely redefined the industry and how to push boundaries without breaking the rules.

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Thu 11 Jul

Gravitas | Tide Platform | Summer Android Meet-up

Work.Life Clerkenwell

Calling all Android developers. This month we will be hosting a meetup so we can get together for good talks, food & drink. It’s a great chance to socialise with old friends and make new ones. Our talks for the evening are: Talk One – To Native? Or to multiplatform | Talk Two – Functions, functions everywhere

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Tue 25 Jun

Masterclass 4: How to build an inclusive and diverse culture

Work.Life Fitzrovia

Join this Masterclass to learn how to build an inclusive and diverse culture in your company. The session will cover what an inclusive and diverse culture is and why you should worry about one. Harvir and Pooja will give you practical steps to building an inclusive and diverse culture with some key factors to consider

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Tue 18 Jun

Masterclass 3: How to create a successful PR plan

Work.Life Fitzrovia

This masterclass will equip you with all you need to develop and execute a brilliant PR strategy for your business. Robin will help you to work out what you can expect to achieve through PR, how to get started on your very own PR strategy, and how to master the basics as you get started.

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Tue 11 Jun

Masterclass 2: How to raise funding for your startup

Work.Life Fitzrovia

Every Tuesday throughout June, Tide, in partnership with Work.Life, will be hosting a Masterclass dedicated to helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses! In this Masterclass the Founder of Tide, George Bevis, will do a deep dive into how to raise funds for your startup.

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Tue 4 Jun

Masterclass 1: How to market your product and manage your growth

Work.Life Fitzrovia

Every Tuesday throughout June, Tide, in partnership with Work.Life, will be hosting a Masterclass dedicated to helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses! Join this Masterclass to learn everything you need to know to market your product successfully.

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Mon 3 Jun

Money 20/20, Founders’ Stories: Coping with compliance

Europaplein, Amsterdam

Regulatory compliance is a foundational aspect of any financial business, but how do you stay on top of relationships as well as legal and technical developments? Tide will be represented on this panel by CEO, Oliver Prill, discussing how compliance is built into the fabric of our business.

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