Open Banking Data Privacy Notice

In order to share your financial and banking data with Tide, you will be securely redirected to your Banking Provider’s website or mobile application to confirm your authorisation for Tide to receive access to your information. With this notice, we explain how we will process this information. 

Tide will retrieve the following personal data from your Banking Provider based on Tide’s need of this data for the successful delivery of our contracted products and services to you: 

  • Identification details, such as your names, address, etc. 
  • Account details, such as IBAN, date of account opening, current account balance, account status, etc. 
  • Transaction and credit card statements from the past 24 months. 

This data will be securely retrieved by Tide in read-only format via a third-party Open Banking API Service Provider engaged by Tide and acting as our data processor. We will provide that Service Provider with details about you and in turn, we will receive the personal information listed above currently stored with your Banking Provider. 

From then on, we will process all your personal data in accordance with Tide’s Privacy Policy. Please read our policy for more details about how we use your personal information and what are your rights. 




This Open Banking Data Privacy Notice was last updated on 31 January 2023